News Releases

Latest news releases about Trenton Systems products and partnerships:

July 2015 HDEC Series Backplanes Deliver a 300% Increase in PCIe Link Support

May 2015 HDEC Series System Host Board Delivers 80 Lanes of PCI Express

Sep 2014 PCI Express Backplanes Expand PCIe 3.0 I/O Card Support

Jan 2014 BXT7059 Processor Options Deliver Added System Performance

Nov 2013 MIL-STD-810 Computers Enhance Flexibility and Performance

Oct 2013 Trenton Merges Expanded Storage with High-Performance Computing

Aug 2013 Trenton Announces Configurable MIL-STD-810 Military Computers

Aug 2013 Fanless Computer Ideal For Vehicle-Mounted Applications

Aug 2013 4-Screen Rackmount LCD Monitor Features Widescreen Full HD

Mar 2013 Trenton Expands CE Compliant and UL Recognized System Offerings

Jan 2013 Trenton’s Matrox Mura MPX Enabled Video Wall Controller Line Expands

Dec 2012 Flexible CE Compliant Rackmount Computer and Video Wall Controller

Aug 2012 Long Life 3U and 4U Rackmount Computers Save Space

Jun 2012 5U Rackmount Storage Server Enhances Data Security and Capacity

Jun 2012 x16 PCI Express Expansion Products Extend Host Server I/O Capability

May 2012 Shallow-depth 5U Rackmount Computer Expands I/O Card Support

May 2012 Expanded x16 PCI Express Support Enables 56-cube Video Walls

Jan 2012 Trenton Introduces BPG7087 and BPG8032 PCI Express Backplanes

Oct 2011 TRC2004 2U Rackmount Computer Features MicroATX Motherboard

Oct 2011 Trenton TMM3500 Three-Screen LCD Monitor Saves Space

Aug 2011 Trenton Introduces Matrox Validated TVC3400 and TVC4400

Aug 2011 Trenton TVC4403 Video Controller Expands Matrox Mura MPX Support

Jul 2011 TCS1502 1U Rackmount Computer Features Expanded Data Storage

Jun 2011 Trenton and Matrox Graphics Partner to Produce Video Wall Controllers

Apr 2011 TSB7053 Single Board Computer Enhances System Performance

Feb 2011 MIL-STD-810 Military Computers Built Rugged From The Inside Out

Jan 2011 Trenton Shelfmount & Wallmount Computers Deliver Installation Options

Jan 2011 Wind River Completes Testing Trenton Single Board Computer

Dec 2010 Trenton Joins NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Partner (TPP) Program

Nov 2010 Trenton 5U Cluster Computer Consolidates Four Systems Into One

Oct 2010 Trenton 1U and 2U Rackmount LCD Monitors and Keyboards Save Space

Oct 2010 Trenton 3U Compact Computer Features DP Micro-ATX Motherboard

Oct 2010 Trenton 2U Lightweight Computer Maximizes System Performance

Sep 2010 Trenton 3U Data Storage Server Saves Precious Rack Space

Sep 2010 JXM7031 MicroATX Motherboard Features Two Quad-Core CPUs

Aug 2010 Trenton TRC4007 Industrial Computer Blends Process Control and HMI

Jul 2010 Trenton PCI Express 2.0 Backplanes Deliver System Flexibility

Jun 2010 Trenton TCS4500 4U Industrial Server Validated For HPC Applications

Jun 2010 1U Industrial Rackmount Servers Maximize Computing Performance

Jun 2010 Trenton 2U Rackmount Computers Deliver High-Capacity Data Storage

Jun 2010 3U Industrial Servers Shorten Time-to-Market For Industrial Computing

Mar 2010 WTM7026 Embedded Motherboard Featuring Westmere-EP CPUs

Feb 2010 JXT6966 Single Board Computer Delivers Speed and Power Savings

Jul 2009 4-segment BP4FS6890 PICMG 1.3 Backplane for Cluster Computing