Data Storage

The Customer Need

Data StorageTrenton’s customer is a major OEM that delivers video programming and delivery systems to cable operators, satellite system providers and broadcasters.

The OEM engineers needed to meet unique requirements for their customers and were looking for a computer board design and manufacturing company that would be flexible enough to meet the various system configuration and data throughput requirements.

The Trenton Solution

Trenton delivered dual-processor PICMG® 1.0 single board computers and PICMG® 1.3 system host boards to this OEM customer. We worked with the customer’s engineering team to design and build a number of different PICMG 1.0 and 1.3 custom backplanes. These custom backplanes typically use a high-speed fabric networks such as Infiniband and different option card slot combinations that meet the data transmission speeds and image/data storage requirements.

Trenton Value Delivered

The Trenton hardware used in the customer’s system solutions is in a wide variety of local option storage and worldwide content broadcasting applications.Trenton established a strong working relationship between the OEM’s engineering team, manufacturing personnel and Trenton’s board level design engineers. The customer cost-effectively reduced their engineering and system manufacturing costs by having Trenton act as its outsourced engineering department, thus solving their data storage problem.