Oil Field Diagnostics

The Customer Need

Oil Field Diagnostics An industry leader in oil exploration and equipment relies on computer systems installed in large tractor-trailer rigs to monitor and record production data in mature oil fields. The systems can also be used in exploratory fields to gather and record geologic data from various sensors in order to determine drilling feasibility. Chassis depth is at a premium in the truck and hard drive shock is a real application concern.

The Trenton Solution

A single board computer and backplane were used in this application due to the variety of option cards (PCI Express, PCI-X and 32-bit/33MHz PCI) used by the customer. The Trenton T4L board using an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor was chosen for its long-life support feature and its low cost. The Trenton backplane chosen was the BPG6600 for the shallow-depth of the 4U computer chassis.

Trenton Value Delivered

Many systems have been delivered and put through rigorous field tests. The customer reported extraordinary performance results with the robust, cost-effective design of the Trenton TML and BPG6600 solution. The customer projected that over the lifetime of the system, Trenton’s ability to provide this same system configuration for several years will provide a significant cost savings by virtually eliminating system re-engineering design costs due to computer component EOL issues.