White Papers

Based on our many years of experience designing and building application-ready solutions for a variety of industries, Trenton Systems has created a number of white papers and technical articles to give our customers some insight as to how Trenton’s long-life products are used in real world applications and take advantage of the latest innovations in computer technology.

Implementing High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) Hardware

MBS1000 Modular 1U Rackmount Server Design Enhances Data Center Flexibility

Implementation Guide for High Density Embedded Computing (HDEC) Hardware

International Space Station Leverages Single Board Computer Technology

Optimizing PCIe3 Backplane Design for Performance and Reliability

Designing Application-Ready Military Computing Solutions

PCI Express Over Cable Link Tuning Essentials

Carrier Landing Modeling System Leverages GPGPU Advantages

Military Display Systems Leverage PCI Express Backplanes

Embedded Computing Enables Smart Grid Technology

Cryptography Computing Cluster Blends FPGAs and CPUS

Cross-Domain Network Communications Using COTS Hardware

Cutting Rackmount Systems Down To Size