Energy Production Relies on Data Management

The diverse world of energy exploration, generation and transmission continues to expand, both technologically and geographically, but from traditional fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, raw data must still be collected and analyzed, while machines and facilities require monitoring and transmission line performance needs optimization.

Employing Advanced GPU Technology

Advanced computing technology is increasingly called upon to enhance energy production, speed exploration, and control grid transmission costs. Such high-performance industrial-grade solutions often rely on a combination of CPU & GPU power as found in a TCS4501 GPU computing solution built with long-life single board computers and a PCI Express backplane.

Visualizing the Energy Supply Chain

With the introduction of smart grid infrastructure the need for visualizing energy production and distribution has never been greater. ¬†Trenton’s partnership with Matrox Graphics has created a family of Matrox-validated video wall controllers which¬†are perfect for driving video display walls found in energy management centers.

Offshore Oil Rig Solar Panels Transmission Lines Co-Generation

Energy Industry Applications

Trenton addresses the needs of the energy market with embedded motherboards, single board computers and backplanes, built for deployment in harsh environments. Beyond a full range of standard products, Trenton excels at creating customer-driven solutions configured to your exact specifications.