Drivers & Downloads

These drivers support a variety of features, such as video and Ethernet interfaces, chipset drivers, RAID set-up, and TPM implementations, on Trenton Systems single board computers. These files can also be found on the individual product pages, listed underneath the Downloads tab.

If the driver you need is not listed here, please contact support at 800-875-6031 or 770-287-3100, or fill out a Support Request Form.

Intel AMT Drivers

Intel ME7 Management Engine Driver for Intel® C604 PCH (BXT7059, BXTS7059)

Intel AMT 7.0 Software (TSB7053)

Audio Drivers

SigmaTel Audio Drivers (TQ9)

Chipset Drivers

Intel® Chipset Driver Software (Intel® C226) (THD8141)

Intel® Chipset Device Software (Intel® C604 PCH) (BXT7059, BXTS7059)

Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility (TSB7053)

Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility (T4L, TML, TQ9)

Application Accelerator (T4I, T4G, T4R)

Chipset Update Software (SLT, SLI, T4I, XPI, T4G, CP10, CP16, XPT, MX8, T4R, NLI, NLT, MCX, MCG, JXT6966, JXTS6966)

Ethernet Drivers

Network Interface Controllers (Intel® i350 & Intel® i217) (THD8141)

Network Adapters (Intel® i350 & Intel® 82579) (BXT7059, BXTS7059)

Intel® PRO/1000 MT Network & Server Adapters (TSB7053, T4L, TML, MCX, MCG, TQ9, JXT6966, JXTS6966, WTM7026, NTM6900)

Intel® 21143 Ethernet Drivers (P2LX, P2BX, P2GX, DP2, DP2GX, CBX)

Intel® 82559 Ethernet Drivers (SLE, ULE, CPLE, CBI/CGI, CPBI, CBU/CGU)

Network & Server Adapters (SLT, SLI, T4I, XPI, T4G, CP10, CP16, XPT, MX8, T4R, NLI, NLT)

Raid Drivers

Intel® SATA Raid Drivers for Intel® C226 PCH (THD8141)

Intel® RST enterprise v3.2 for the Intel® C604 PCH (BXT7059, BXTS7059 – SHB has been tested and validated with Intel® RST enterprise v3.2)

Intel® RST enterprise v3.5 for the Intel® C604 PCH (BXT7059, BXTS7059)

Intel® SATA Raid Drivers for Intel® C206 PCH (TSB7053)

Intel® SATA Raid Drivers (MCX, MCG, T4L, TML, TQ9, JXT6966, JXTS6966, WTM7026, NTM6900)

SCSI Drivers

QLA12160 SCSI Adapter Drivers (CBU, ULE, XPI)

QLA10160 SCSI Adapter Drivers (SLE)

Adaptec 7902 SCSI Drivers (RTM25, XPT)

Adaptec AIC-7880 SCSI Drivers (P2LX, P2BX, P2GX, DP2, DP2GX, CBX, CBI/CGI)

Adaptec AIC-7890 SCSI Drivers (CPBI)

AIC-7892 SCSI Drivers (T4I, MX8, T4R)

SCSI Setup Utilities

Adaptec AIC-7880 SCSI Setup Utility (P2LX, P2BX, P2GX, DP2, DP2GX, CBX, CBI/CGI)

Adaptec AIC-7890 SCSI Setup Utility (CPBI)

Touch Screen Drivers

TSHARC™ TS Controller (TKM1503)

TPM Drivers

TPM 1.2 Drivers (THD8141, TSB7053, TQ9, MCX, MCG, WTM7026, NTM6900)

Video Drivers

Intel® HD Graphics P4600 (THD8141)

Intel® HD Graphics P3000 (TSB7053)

XGI® Volari™ Z11 GPU (BXT7059, BXTS7059, JXT6966, JXTS6966, WTM7026, NTM6900)

ATI ES1000 Video Controllers (MCX, MCG)

Intel® Q35 Video/Graphics Driver (TQ9)

Intel® 945G Video/Graphics Driver (T4L and TML)

Intel® 845GV Video Driver (T4G)

ATI M6-C16H Video Controllers (CP10, CP16, XPT, MX8)

ATI Rage Mobility M1 Video Controllers (SLT, SLI, NLT, NLI, T4R)