TVC5400 Rackmount Video Wall Controller

  • TVC5400 Video Wall Controller - Front Angle
  • TVC5400 Video Wall Controller - Front View
  • TVC5400 Video Wall Controller - Overhead
  • TVC5400 Video Wall Controller - Hold Down
  • TVC5400 Video Wall Controller - Side View
  • TVC5400 Video Wall Controller - Rear View
  • Single Board Computer Options
  • Up to 17 Video Controller Cards
  • Flexible Configuration Options
  • N+1 Redundant Power Supply
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  • The TVC5400 Rackmount Video Wall Controller

    The TVC5400 rackmount video wall controller features a dual-processor Intel® Xeon® SBC and supports up to seventeen x16 PCI Express 2.0 video cards.  This combination provides added processor capabilities and enhanced video display wall scalability.  The heart of this video wall controller is the BPG8032M backplane which supports up to 17, PCI Express x16 electrical links, and other system features include multiple front access storage drives and an N + 1 system power supply.

    Key features of the TVC5400 rackmount video wall controller include:

    • Supports up to seventeen video wall controller boards
    • Rugged controller design supports multiple front access HDDs
    • Dual-processor SBC and PCIe 2.0 backplane enhances processing capability
    • N+1 redundant power supply delivers system security
    • Configured to meet exacting video display wall requirements
    • Rugged, yet lightweight 5U rackmount video controller
    • BXT7059 PICMG 1.3 SBC with two Intel® Xeon® processors
    • BPG8032 high-performance PCI Express 2.0 backplane
    • Accommodates up to eight hot swap, front access 2.5″ HDD SATA storage drives
    • Front panel USB ports and LED status indicators

    The TVC5400 rackmount video wall controller offers a long life cycle with 7+ year availability and standard 5-year factory warranty on the single board computer and PCI Express backplane.

    Combined with Trenton’s unsurpassed technical support, the TVC5400 rackmount video wall controller delivers unparalleled platform stability, performance and scalability in video display wall applications such as command and control centers, energy management, and process control.

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  • Tech Specs




    Single Board Computer


    The TVC5400 5U video controller supports up to fourteen video controller boards used in advanced display wall applications with large data storage requirements.  The TVC5400 features a variety of single board computer and backplane options including Trenton’s TSB7053 SBC and BPG8032 PCI Express 2.0 backplane. This video controller supports up to eight front access / hot swap storage drives and an N+1 system power supply.




    14 – PCIe cards (max)
    (backplane dependent)


    The following CPUs are available for use with the TSB7053 SBC option:
    Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 Processor – Quad core, 3.4GHz with Hyper-Threading, 8MB cache
    Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 Processor – Quad core, 3.1GHz without Hyper-Threading, 6MB cache
    Intel® Core™ i3-2120  Processor – Dual core, 3.3GHz with Hyper-Threading, 3MB cache

    These long-life, advanced server, Sandy Bridge processors feature a 2.5GT/s DMI interface to the board’s C206 PCH, an 800MHz integrated graphics frequency and support Intel® AMT 7.0 system applications.

    The following CPUs are available for use with JXT6966 or JXTS6966 SBC options:
    Intel® Xeon® EC5549 Processor – Quad core, 2.53GHz with Hyper-Threading, 8MB cache
    Intel® Xeon® EC5539 Processor – Dual core, 2.27GHz without Hyper-Threading, 4MB cache
    Intel® Xeon® EC5509 Processor – Quad core, 2.0GHz  without Hyper-Threading, 8MB cache
    Intel® Xeon® LC5528 Processor – Quad core, 2.13GHz with Hyper-Threading, 8MB cache

    Consult Trenton for additional processor options.


    The Trenton BPG8032 is a featured 20-slot backplane option for the TVC5400 video controller.  This backplane supports one single-processor PICMG 1.3 SHB such as the TSB7053, or a dual-processor SBC like the JXT6966 and up to fourteen PCI Express Gen 2.0 video, graphics or network communications option cards.  An additional x16 mechanical card slot is driven with a x4 PCIe link from the TSB7053 system host board and can be used to support general purpose I/O cards. PCIe Gen 2 or 1.1 option cards are also supported in the TVC5400.  All eighteen option card slots use x16 PCIe mechanical connectors with seventeen of these slots driven with x16 PCI Express electrical interfaces.

    Backplane Type: PICMG 1.3 Graphics-Class
    Option Card Slots:  Seventeen PCIe x16 electrical and one PCIe x4 electrical slots (all slots use x16 PCIe mechanical connectors)

    Note 1:  Backplane slots PCIe2 through PCIe18 may operate as PCIe 2.0 slots depending on the end point devices installed into these slots and regardless of the system host board x16 root link type.

    Note 2:  Backplane slot PCIe1 operates as x4 link and either as a PCIe 2.0 or 1.1 interface slot when using an SHB such as the TSB7053.

    Note 3:  Backplane slot PCIe1 operates as x1 link and a PCIe 1.1 interface slot when using an SHB such as the JXT6966 or JXTS6966.


    EIA RS-310C 19” Rackmount Standard


    Lightweight, rugged aluminum




    19″ Rackmount Video Controller, 5U enclosure height, one single board computer with a 20-slot backplane in a lightweight, rugged aluminum enclosure with and N+1 power supply, four front access HDD drive carriers, two internal drive storage bays, a slim-line optical drive, front panel USB ports with rear panel I/O ports and PCI Express 2.0 option card slots

    The SBC and 20-slot backplane combination supports up to seventeen, x16 PCI Express video controller boards.


    14 – PCIe cards (max)
    (backplane dependent)

    4 – Front removable and hot swap 3.5” drive bays support up to eight 2.5″ HDD carriers and 1 – Slim-line device bay for optical drive media


    N+1 power supply

    1500W, N + 1 redundant with automatic fail over


    4 – 120mm Fans (center-mounted), 90 CFM each


    LEDs for HDD activity and Power Status


    Front: 2 USB

    Rear: 2 – Ethernet LANs, 2 – USB and 1 – VGA Video, 18 – Option Card Slots


    Power On/Off and System Reset


    48.26cm (W) x 22.23cm (H) x 58.42cm (D) (with 19″ rackmount handles installed)


    19.0″ (W) x 8.75” (H) x 23.0” (D) (with 19″ rackmount handles installed)