TVC4400 Matrox-Validated Video Wall Controller

  • TVC4400 Video Wall Controller - Front Angle
  • TVC4400 Video Wall Controller - Front View
  • TVC4400 Video Wall Controller - Front Vertical
  • TVC4400 Video Wall Controller - Overhead
  • TVC4400 Video Wall Controller - Side View
  • TVC4400 Video Wall Controller - Rear View
  • 8 or 12-Screen Video Walls
  • High-Def Video Inputs, Outputs
  • 2 or 3 Matrox Mura MPX Cards
  • CE-Compliant Video Platform
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  • The TVC4400 Matrox-Validated Video Wall Controller

    The TVC4400 Matrox-validated video wall controller features an enclosure design allowing the video controller to be mounted in different orientations and a variety of locations.  This solution eliminates the need for using a riser card while supporting two Matrox Mura MPX boards, and via the system’s single-processor JXMS7031 MicroATX (uATX) motherboard – ideal for a wide variety of applications requiring video display walls.

    Key features of the TVC4400 Matrox-validated video wall controller include:

    • Validated video wall controller supports two or three Matrox Mura™ MPX Series cards
    • Matrox Mura MPX Series boards support video outputs and inputs for flexibility & scalability
    • Standard, single-processor configuration enables flexible 8-cube video display wall designs
    • Dual-processor motherboard configuration supports three cards and 12-cube video walls
    • JXMS7031 motherboard utilizes a long-life, Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® C5500 Processor
    • Flexible video wall controller design easily mounts to either a shelf or a wall
    • Features a full card height enclosure design with PCI Express 2.0/1.1 interfaces
    • The TVC4400 also features an additional 32-bit/33MHz PCI card slot
    • One 3.5″ or two front access hot swap 2.5” drive carriers allow high-capacity SATA HDDs
    • Two – Gigabit Ethernet, six – USB, DVI-I Video, HD Audio, PS/2 mouse & keyboard ports
    • Weighs 15.0lbs (6.81kg.) with JXMS7031 MicroATX motherboard and power supply

    The TVC4400 Matrox-validated video wall controller has a long life cycle of 7+ years made possible by the Trenton JXMS7031 embedded motherboard availability and is supported by Trenton’s unsurpassed technical support, making it an ideal choice for security surveillance, industrial automation, command centers & energy management applications.

    The video link at the top of this overview section provides a brief overview of the Matrox-validated video wall controllers offered by Trenton Systems and steps you through the process of configuring a video display wall using the MuraControl iPad app in conjunction with the TVC4400’s Mura MPX video controller cards.

    Powered by Matrox Graphics Mura MPX



  • Tech Specs




    Standard Configuration – Single-Processor MicroATX Embedded Motherboard (JXMS7031)
    Features one, Intel® Xeon® EC5509 Processor – Quad core, 2.0GHz  without Hyper-Threading, 8MB cache
    Note: The single processor JXMS7031 motherboard configuration supports two Mura cards with the inter-card transfer capability.  The CPU1 socket is not populated on the JXMS7031 motherboard making card slot PCIe1 unavailable.

    Optional Configuration – Dual-Processor MicroATX Embedded Motherboard (JXM7031)
    Features two, Intel® Xeon® EC5509 Processors – Quad core, 2.0GHz  without Hyper-Threading, 8MB cache
    Note: The optional dual-processor TVC4400 configuration relies on the Intel Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) between processors and the intercard transfer capability of the third Matrox Mura MPX card.  In some video wall applications this combination of interfaces may cause less than optimum video performance.  Contact Trenton tech support for more information.

    The following CPU options are available for use with the JXMS7031 / JXM7031 motherboards:
    Two, Intel® Xeon® EC5549 Processors – Quad core, 2.53GHz with Hyper-Threading, 8MB cache
    Two, Intel® Xeon® EC5539 Processors – Dual core,2.27GHz without Hyper-Threading, 4MB cache
    Two, Intel® Xeon® LC5528 Processors – Quad core, 2.13GHz with Hyper-Threading, 8MB cache


    4GB system memory (installed) – expandable up to 48GB for the JXM7031 motherboard and 24GB for the JXMS7031 motherboard when using 8GB DDR3 Mini-DIMMs




    The standard TVC4400 configuration features a single processor JXMS7031 motherboard configuration is available to support two Mura cards with the inter-card transfer capability.  An optional configuration includes the dual-processor JXM7031 motherboard with support for up to three Matrox Mura MPX Series video controller boards.  An additional 32-bit/33MHz PCI card slot is available for use with the TVC4400.  All option cards in this system can be full-height boards that install vertically thereby eliminating the need for a riser card.

    The flexible enclosure design allows the TVC4400 video controller to be mounted in different orientations and a wide variety of locations.  This shelfmount / wallmount video controller features front access / hot swap storage drives that bring a level of local data storage to video display wall applications.


    8 cubes / screens / projectors
    – AND –
    8 video input devices


    2 – Matrox Mura MPX Series (std.)


    The standard, single-processor motherboard (JXMS7031) used in the TVC4400 controller design features four mechanical card slots with two PCIe slots available for use with the Matrox Mura MPX video controller cards.  An additional PCI card slot is also available.  This standard controller configuration supports video display walls that have up to eight-cubes.

    An optional TVC4400 configuration supports the dual-processor JXM7031 motherboard with all four option card slots available for use in the application.  This TVC4400 configuration supports up to three Matrox Mura MPX boards using the dual-processor motherboard’s three x16 mechanical PCI Express 2.0 card slots.  The dual-processor motherboard configuration supports up to 12-cubes in a video display wall, but without the Mura card’s inter-card transfer* capability.  Like the single-processor motherboard configuration, the additional 32-bit / 33MHz option card slot is available for customer use.

    Both motherboard configurations support full-height option cards that are easily accommodated in the TVC4400 enclosure without the need for a riser card.

    Trenton’s JXMS7031 / JXM7031 embedded motherboard enables support for two or three Matrox Mura MPX Series video controller boards*.  The motherboard supports the following option card interfaces:
    1 – x16 PCI Express 2/0/1.1* (Only available with the dual-processor JXM7031 option)
    2 – x8 PCI Express 2.0/1.1
    1 – 32-bit/33MHz PCI

    *Inter-card transfers between Matrox Mura’s MPX cards are not supported with the TVC4400’s optional dual-processor motherboard configuration.


    This compact enclosure offers flexible mounting options for video controller mounting above or below a shelf or on a wall.

    TVC4400 mounting brackets may be attached to the video controller in multiple locations to enable horizontal or vertical shelf, control cabinet wall, operator console, and OEM video display wall mounting.


    Lightweight Rugged Aluminum Enclosure




    The standard TVC4400 video controller features the Trenton JXMS7031 single-processor embedded motherboard.  This MicroATX motherboard option supports one, long-life Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® C5500 Processor to enable a robust shelfmount or wallmount video display wall controller solution.

    The enclosure construction of the TVC4400 supports full-height option cards installed vertically.

    An optional TVC4400 video controller configuration support the JXM7031 dual-processor embedded motherboard.


    1 – Front access HDD bay may be used to support either 1 – 3.5″ or 2 – 2.5″ hot swap storage drives

    1 – Slim-line optical media drive bay

    Note: 1 – 500GB storage drive (installed) — Additional drives and larger drive capacities available upon request


    1 – 1U, EPS, 550W, 90-264 VAC full range

    Additional power supply options are available upon request.


    2 – 92mm Fans (front-mounted)


    Front LEDs for HDD activity and Power Status


    2 – USB


    1 – Power On/Off
    1 – System Reset


    Front access system filter requires no tools for fast and easy filter cleaning and maintenance.


    26.67cm (W) x 17.68cm (H) x 30.76cm (D)


    10.50″ (W) x 6.96″ (H) x 12.11″ (D)


    15.0 lbs. (6.81 Kg.) includes chassis, JXMS7031 motherboard, and 1U EPS power supply only

    Note: Final system weight is a function of your specific TVC4400 video controller configuration