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Trusted Computing Innovator

Equipping customers worldwide with secure HPC solutions that endure, flourish, and synergise at the tactical edge.

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We design, manufacture, assemble, test, and support secure computing solutions from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, to guarantee tamper-free hardware and cybersecure firmware and software, all within a vetted supply chain.

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Michael Bowling

CEO of Trenton Systems

Protecting and technologising the warfighter is at the core of what we do. I am committed to putting secure HPC solutions into the hands of the modern servicemember, who faces an increasingly data-abundant workday exacerbated by an overwhelmingly complex cyberwarfare theater.


All branches of the armed forces are utilising a Trenton HPC solution to execute mission-critical sea, land, air, space, and cyberspace applications. Our systems are SWaP-C-optimised, certified to military standards, and provide unparalleled adaptability, scalability, and resilience, no matter where the mission takes place.

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Zero-trust security is in our DNA.


Our reliable HPC solutions encrypt, store, and protect using secure hardware, customisable firmware source code, and cybersecure software, keeping your sensitive data safe in any environment.

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Supply Chain Infographic

We don't just manage the supply chain; we control it.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Our Counterfeit Protection Program (CPP) and supplier vetting process ensure that the components we use to build our systems are of the highest quality and originate from trusted sources.

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Customised to your specs

Configure with confidence by teaming up with our in-house software, mechanical, and electrical engineers, who have years of experience designing tactical HPC solutions for an ever-changing battlespace.

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