Custom Computers For Critical Applications

Custom DesignThe custom design process incorporates every aspect of engineering an application-ready computing solution, from mechanical design to electronic design and system BIOS control considerations.  Trenton’s MBS1000 modular blade server is our latest example of a system design based on a modified standard product to address a unique set of performance, features and environmental needs specified by the customer.

Custom Design

Combining these engineering considerations with manufacturing and integration expertise, custom designs can avoid the limitations and conflicts present in commercially available computer systems built for general purpose applications.

Trenton Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of long-life computing solutions. Our engineering and integration facilities are located in the United States amd are ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR registered – allowing us to serve a broad spectrum of industries, from government & defense, to energy, industrial automation, communications, video processing and medical.

Custom Design

Chassis color and logo requirements are not a problem for Trenton Systems. If you can dream it, we can make it happen! With this custom 4U rackmount computer the customer had a specific chassis color in mind in order for this custom system to blend in seamlessly within the transit case containing other system components of the customer's GNSS simulator product.

Custom DesignThe customer also had several GPU cards that needed to be integrated into the custom 4U rackmount computer. Trenton not only integrates these customer-driven option cards into these systems, but ensures that the PCI Express cards are firmly held in place as shown by the adjustable option card hold-down bar in the photo on the left. The net result is that the customer get the exact long-life, rugged computer needed to meet their end-user's specific application requirement. This custom process allows Trenton Systems' customers to focus on their unique product solutions and end user needs without having to worry about the computer hardware platform.

Custom Solution Becomes Standard Product

Custom DesignThe TSS5203 5U rackmount storage server incorporates a 3-segment backplane design for maximum data security. Three small form factor backplanes support a wide range of dual or single-processor single board computers using the latest Intel® multi-core processors.

Three RAID controller cards provide the control needed for the bank of forty-eight (48) front access hot swap storage drives.  Support for either AC or DC system power is available and each TSS5203 server comes with the long-life cycle stability and peace-of-mind provided by SBC and backplane availability of seven-years or more.

In this situation a customer came to Trenton with a specific list of configuration requirements, designed to serve a military application, but once the solution was determined it was clear this system could address the needs of other industries and thus became a standard offering.

Custom Computer Design Considerations

  • Processor Performance
  • System Memory
  • Data Storage Capacity
  • System Power Requirements
  • Shock & Vibration Issues
  • Thermal Management
  • Agency Certification
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Revision Control
April 04, 2017

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