Military Computers Perform to Standards

Rugged Military ComputingThe modern embedded battlefield has changed the very nature of military computing platforms by adopting standard hardware while demanding an increased level of performance, ruggedness and reliability for long-term deployments.

Trenton Systems understands the requirements of critical government and defense applications, and we have utilized our in-house design and manufacturing capability, as well as extensive system integration expertise, to provide rugged military platforms with superior performance & reliability, even when deployed in demanding battlefield environments.


Innovative Military Computer Solutions

Rugged Military ComputingTrenton Systems line of rugged military computers are ‘designed to meet’ many military standards, while each MIL-STD system has been certified by an outside testing organization on criteria such as vibration, shock, temperature, humidity, blowing sand, altitude and emissions.

Every military computer we integrate provides the performance, space-savings, flexibility and long-term system configuration stability necessary for airborne, shipboard, undersea and ground vehicle deployment, or applications located within command and control centers.

Rugged Military ComputingAdvantages of Working with Trenton Systems:

  • Customizations at the chassis level or board level to fit a wide range of industrial component racks and machine enclosures.
  • Robust system enclosure designs that feature lightweight yet rugged aluminum enclosures, secure, locking cables and connectors, and more.
  • Board level products manufactured in the U.S. in ISO and ITAR facilities and come with a five-year factory warranty.
  • Long-life single board computers and backplanes or embedded motherboards that provide stability and extended product life cycles for reduced re-engineering costs.
  • Single or dual-processor boards and a range of long-life Intel® processor choices.
  • Greater expandability through more backplane I/O card support and the ability to customize system BIOS for stability and revision control.
April 12, 2017

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