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Trusted Military Computers for the Tactical Edge

Ruggedized | Cyber-Secure | Mission-Critical | Edge-Ready

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The Upper Hand Is Yours

Trenton Systems has partnered with Star Lab, a Wind River company, to develop ruggedized, cybersecure, mission-critical computing solutions for the tactical edge.

These fully hardened edge servers and workstations satisfy multiple cybersecurity, anti-tamper, and data-at-rest requirements, endure in the world's harshest environments, and enhance the overall integrity of mission-critical defense systems at the edge.

Keep your mind on the mission and gain the strategic upper hand with our most reliable military computers to date.

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Endure Across All Spectrums of the Battlespace

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The combination of Trenton Systems' ruggedized hardware and Star Lab's cybersecurity software provides customers with durability, data protection at the hardware and software levels, and reliability across all dimensions of the battlefield - on land, in air or space, at sea, and beneath the ocean.

Our battle-tested rugged computing solutions are certified to MIL-STD-810, DO-160, MIL-S-901 and other compliance testing standards to ensure continuous functionality in the field. Collect, process, utilize, and store the data you need, regardless of the environment, and protect it with Star Lab's advanced cybersecurity suite.

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We'll guide you through the configuration process and help you build a military computer for your unique edge computing needs.


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Ruggedized Hardware

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Trenton Systems is known for building ruggedized servers and workstations that withstand the world's most brutal environments. We test for mechanical shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature at our in-house facility and maintain relationships with stateside testing labs for any special compliance requirements.

Hardened Software


Star Lab’s Titanium Security Suite, comprised of Titanium Linux, Titanium Secure Hypervisor, and Titanium Secure Boot, boasts the most robust Linux operating system hardening and security capabilities available on the market today. Operationally deployed military computers have never been more secure.

Ready for the Edge

edge computing architecture

Intel's Core and Xeon® Scalable processors, NVIDIA's top-notch GPUs, on-board TPM 2.0 cryptoprocessors, custom BIOSes, plenty of lightning-speed NVMe SSD storage and ECC DIMMs, and a boatload of PCIe Gen 3 slots in a SWaP-optimized rack provide you with all the components you need to ensure smooth, real-time performance, transportability, and any necessary expansion.

Made in the USA


Trenton Systems and Star Lab are both based in the United States. By designing, manufacturing and supporting our tactical-edge military computers in the USA, we're able to work closely with clients on program and application requirements, provide jobs in our communities, and achieve unrivaled customer response times. Trust your program to a hardened rugged computer produced by American talent.

Commercial-Off-the-Shelf or Customized 

Our computing solutions always answer the call of duty

Trenton Systems & Star Lab have joined forces to develop hardened, ruggedized computer systems

Trusted By Leading Military Primes

All Tier-1 U.S. defense primes work with Trenton Systems and Star Lab to provide hardened rugged computing solutions for mission-critical applications operating at the tactical edge.

More Than 45 Years' Experience

With over 30 years of ruggedized system design and over 15 years of combat system security experience, Trenton Systems' and Star Lab's computing solutions have gone to battle before. This isn't our first rodeo, and it won't be our last.

Observed Operational Success

Our battle-tested tactical edge servers satisfy multiple mission-critical requirements and have an observed 100-percent success rate getting programs through verification and validation. Failure just isn't in our vocabulary.

We're here for you.

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