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The MBT8301 Modular Blade Server Tower

At the heart of the MBT8301 is the Trenton's U.S. designed and Made in America MBC8240 modular blade card, supporting a number of long-life Intel® processor options that deliver superior multi-core processing performance with thermal characteristics necessary for reliable and long-term server operation in a wide variety of environments.


Hot-Swap Fan FRUs


Front Access Drive Bays


Ethernet LANs



Key Features

Key Features

The MBT8301 supports seven Ethernet interfaces, two HDD or SDD storage drives, an optical media drive, and a hot-swappable AC power supply. Unique to the MBT8301 is the ability to easily integrate a standard, full-height, PCI Express plug-in card into a modular blade system. The MBT8301’s modular chassis design makes field maintenance fast and easy. All field replacement units (FRUs) are accessible and replaceable without tools. Trenton’s Smart System Management or SSM embedded application software enables remote system monitoring over a dedicated Ethernet LAN. Typical MBT8301 applications include data servers, industrial automation machinery, and weapon control systems.

Tech Specs

Model Number



The base configuration of the MBT8301 modular blade server tower provides enhanced mid tower computer flexibility.  The base configuration consists of the following sub-components.

  • Processor Board Type: Long-life, modular blade card (single board computer) capable of supporting a wide range of embedded Intel processor options
  • Base Processor: Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 v3, see the Processors section for additional options
  • Base Processor Specs.: 3.2GHz, quad-core, 8MB Cache, 84W TDP
  • Option Card Slot: Supports 1 – full-height, PCI Express option card when using Trenton’s x16 mechanical/x8 electrical PCIe 3.0 riser card (BRC8244)
  • System Memory: 32GB installed using 4, 8GB DDR3-1600 DIMMs (optional)


  • Front:
    • 2, USB 2.0 Ports
    • Front LEDs system and cooling fan status
    • Power On/Off switch
    • Front Field Replacement Unit (FRU) access for:
      • HDD/SDD storage drives
      • DVD optical media drive
  • Rear:
    • 6, USB 2.0 Ports
    • 6, General Purpose 1GbE LANs
    • 1, 1GbE System Management LAN
    • Rear LEDs for LAN activity, power supply module status, and system status
    • 1, VGA Video Port
    • 1, PCIe option card access slot
    • Rear Field Replacement Unit (FRU) access for:
      • Modular blade card (MBC8240)
      • Power supply
  • Side
    • Side Field Replacement Unit access for:
      • System cooling fans (x2)

System Hardware Monitor

The MBT8301’s Smart System Management (SSM) software is embedded in the server’s MBC8240 single board computer and accessible via the dedicated management Ethernet LAN (Port 0).   Trenton’s SSM application software is built upon the industry standard Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and its related sub-components including:

• Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB)
• IPMI Platform Management FRU Information Storage Definition
• Intelligent Chassis Management Bus (ICMB)

Trenton SSM’s implementation of IPMI provides seamless and efficient remote system management and control capability from any monitoring location worldwide.  A short list of Trenton SSM application software functionality includes:

• Fan speed monitoring
• Fan condition & status
• Alarm monitoring
• FRU management
• Voltage monitoring
• SBC present
• Remote messaging (i.e. call home)
• Poll for processor & memory health


The MBC8240 modular blade card’s Intel® C226 chipset supports Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v3 series processor options that were developed under the Haswell codename.  The Intel® Xeon® E3-1225 v3 processor is the standard CPU used in the MBT8301 base configuration.  Additional processor options may be available.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1225 v3: 3.2GHz, quad-core, 8MB Cache, ECC Memory Support, 84W TDP(base configuration processor)
  • Intel Xeon E3-1268L v3: 2.3GHz, quad-core with Intel Hyper-Threading, 8MB Cache, ECC Memory Support, 45W TDP


Cold-rolled steel with a black front, top and side covers.  Field removable left and right side covers with plastic handles.


Black front, top and side covers.

Data Storage Capacity

Each SDD/HDD may operate independently or as part of a RAID storage array, dual 1TB HDD options boost system storage capacity to a full 2TB of data.  Additional storage capacity options are available upon request.


2 – Modular, side access/hot-swap, cooling fan assemblies, 92mm/102CFM each with built-in fan speed control and remote system management monitoring



Front – LEDs for fan module status (2), power on (1) and system fault (1)

Rear LEDs for Ethernet activity (2 per port), power status (2) and system fault (1)


1 - Power On/Off switch


8.5"/215.9mm (W) x 17.29”/439.2mm (H) x 18.81”/477.8mm (D)

Chassis Net Weight

41.0 (18.59Kg) chassis + modular blade card + mid-plane interface board + power supply

Board Type

Modular Blade Card

Drive Bays

2 – front removable 2.5” drive carriers, each carrier accommodates 1 – SATA/600 SDD or HDD

1 – Slim-line optical media drive bay

Power Supply

AC/DC Option –  1U, rear-mounted, hot-swap power supply: 100-240VAC,  900W

Compatible Components

  • Processor Boards

MBC8240 Modular Blade Card (SBC)


  • Built for the MBS1000 1U Server
  • Seven Ethernet LANs
  • Expanded COMMs & Device I/O
  • Built-In Management Software
Product Details
U.S. Design & Assembly

U.S. Design & Assembly

Year Warranty

Year Warranty

Revision Controlled Stable BIOS

Revision Controlled Stable BIOS

The Trenton Difference

Trenton Systems designs, manufactures and integrates rugged computers and long-life components such as single board computers and PCI Express backplanes to create application-ready computing solutions that satisfy our customers' unique requirements for functionality, performance and reliability.