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Next-Gen Blade Servers

Fixed and Modular Blade Servers

High-density, secure, and configurable modular and non-modular blade servers that deliver enhanced computing and networking alongside evolving workloads for defense and enterprise deployments.
1U Front Modular

Compute Density. Redefined.

Minimize footprint and hardware costs by running multiple single- or dual-CPU blades within a single chassis. Each CPU runs a separate workload, enhancing operational efficiency within diverse data environments.

High-performance meets flexible design

Available as fixed blade or front modular servers. Each blade has dedicated and isolated resources--including up to two Intel® 3rd Gen Xeon® SP CPUs and a fixed, customizable I/O board--giving you multiple systems in a single chassis.
1U Fixed Blade Top

Configured Your Way

Also available in a 2U form factor supporting up to four dual-CPU blades

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Future-proof and hot-swappable architecture

Make upgrades in seconds without having to remove cables, so you can easily scale your server to meet the demands of evolving workloads, reduce mean time to repair, and enable rapid deployment. 
1U Front Modular Blades

Server Variations

Configured Your Way


Front-modular blade server with two 1U dual-CPU blades

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1U MBS.FM Lite

Two 1U single-CPU blades supporting up to two high-capacity SSDs

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Workload Acceleration


Fixed blade server with two 1U dual-CPU blades

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Versatility Across Industries

Versatility across industries

Our fixed and modular blade servers enhance performance for a variety of applications across the defense, commercial, industrial, and critical infrastructure sectors, such as SIGINT, telecom/5G, fintech, and energy/utilities. 


COTS, MOTS, or Custom 

Crafted per your requirements in consultation with our sales, product, and engineering teams. We can modify an existing system/solution or create an entirely new one down to the board and chip level to fit your most demanding application or program needs. 


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