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March 2017 Newsletter


PCI Express 3.0 NVMe M.2 Interface Update and Why Trenton Video

The default parameters for the TKL8255 SHB's M.2 connector were discussed. The board's M.2 connector is driven by a x4 PCIe 3.0 link for high speed NVMe SSD storage modules keyed for the Socket 3/M module format. An alternative SATA M.2 implementation is available as a factory option. In a short video (1:47) Michael Bowling President of Trenton Systems talks about our engineering partnerships with customers.


February 2017 Newsletter

New TRENTON Cryptographic Systems Feature Latest IBM Hardware Security Module

Trenton Systems announced that IBM® approved four of our rugged computers for use with the IBM® 4767-002 PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor Hardware Security Module (HSM); 4U TCS4504 and TCS4503, plus the 2U TCS2504 and TCS2503 Trenton Cryptographic Systems (TCS).


January 2017 Newsletter


Happy New Year, Our New Website, and a PCIe Expansion Demo Video

Here's an interesting video illustrating how a Trenton Systems customer is using our TTX5100 PCI Express expansion chassis to connect eight Bittware XUPP3R FPGA cards to their host computer. We also invited you to explore the redesigned Trenton Systems website featuring a simplified navigation structure with a new mega menu.


November 2016 Newsletter

Are You Ready For January 31st?

Windows 10 SHB (Secure Host Baseline) Operating System Mandate Is Coming. After January 31, 2017 a physically domain-joined computer running a Microsoft Windows based operating system in any Department of Defense application must support the Windows 10 SHB.

October 2016 Newsletter

Secure Local Storage for Over 100TB

A couple of different models of this popular 5U storage server are now available. The latest version is the new TSS5201 with integrated RAID controller cards that manage the bank of forty-eight (48) front access hot swap storage drives. Four internal drives are used for secure application software implementations and O/S storage.

September 2016 Newsletter

New Single Board Computer Implements M.2 NVMe, DDR4, and Multiple Video Interfaces 

The TKL8255 is our latest single board computer to continue Trenton’s heritage of delivering the processing performance, dependability, and SBC longevity you count on to deliver stable computing hardware platforms.

August 2016 Newsletter

Direct x16 PCIe 3.0 Links Speed-Up Card Interfaces – See Video

In this video the underlying technology in Trenton’s THS4095 4U rackmount computer is explained. This high density embedded computing system delivers wider system bandwidths and lower data latencies when integrating large numbers of today’s standard, off-the-shelf PCI Express plug-in cards.

July 2016 Newsletter

Simplified Method of Changing CMOS Battery Saves Time – See Video 

This latest Trenton Systems’ video demonstrates a simple and effective method of changing a system host board’s CMOS battery.  

June 2016 Newsletter

Latest Dual-Processor Rackmount Computers Deliver Value and Longevity

How a new 5U Rackmount Computer (THS5095) supports “Lots of Slots” in a short-depth chassis is explained. Also, a new 2U Rackmount Computer (TWS2502) offers dual-processor value with “Lots of Drives” in a long-life 2U rackmount system architecture that you can depend on for long-term projects.

May 2016 Newsletter

340% PCI Express System Bandwidth Increase – See How

This newsletter features two videos. In the first video the HDEC Series of system host boards and backplanes are explained by illustrating how Trenton has engineered a way to build upon the goodness of the PICMG® 1.3 standard by increasing the number of PCI Express lanes from a base of 20 lanes to 80 lanes with expansion up to 88 lanes built-in for future Intel® Xeon® 14nm (Skylake-EP) processor technology.  The second video covers how to clear CMOS of a variety of Trenton Systems single board computers, system host boards and modular processor blades.

April 2016 Newsletter

Goodbye Gainesville and Hello Lawrenceville 

Trenton Systems is now headquartered in a 52,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing and engineering facility in the Atlanta, GA suburb of Lawrenceville. As Trenton System’s approaches its third decade, our product engineering, world-class customer support, technical sales, and marketing continues focusing on our company’s ever expanding array of industrial computers, GPGPU computing systems, MIL-STD certified and designed-to-meet military computers, video display wall controllers, single board computers, backplanes, and embedded motherboards.

March 2016 Newsletter

HEP8225 Processor Option Supports 56 Execution Threads Per SHB

Trenton System’s HEP8225 system host board now supports the Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 series of processors formally known as Broadwell-EP. Some of these long-life (embedded) Intel Xeon processor options feature 14 cores and 28 execution threads per processor providing a total of 28 cores and 56 threads per HEP8225 board.  A 14nm processor die shrink down from the previous generation’s 22nm die allows for less power leakage in the chip, making the processor more efficient per watt of power consumed.

February 2016 Newsletter

24% System Performance Increase Driven By Additional Processor Options  

Trenton’s engineering qualification team has documented an average benchmark performance increase of 24% across the key arithmetic computational metrics in apples-to-apples comparison testing for Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 (i.e. Broadwell-EP) series of processors now available on the HEP8225 system host board. These processors feature a 14nm processor die shrink that delivers additional performance.

January 2016 Newsletter

2U Rackmount Computer Supports Over 50TB Storage

Total storage capacity of the Trenton TRC2006 2U rackmount computer can easily exceed 50TB of data storage. The TRC2006’s small chassis footprint features eight (8) 3.5″ front access and hot-swap data storage drives. Two internal 2.5″ drives are ideal for securely locating the operating system and critical application software.


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