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Tech Specs and Downloads.

Up-to-date technical specifications and related downloads of the SEP8253 Single Board Computer

SEP8253 Single Board Computer Downloads

  1. Data Sheet
  2. Intel® 622 Chipset Drivers
  3. Intel® Network Adapter Drivers (x577, i210-AT, i219-LM)
  4. ASPEED AST2400 Video Driver
  5. Intel® SATA RAID Drivers for the Intel® 622 PCH
  6. Technical Information: SEP8253

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Tech Specs

Model Number
Form Factor
HDEC Series® Form Factor – Supports industry standard PCI Express plug-in cards with expanded PCIe linking capabilities to increase system bandwidth and reduce data latencies.  HDEC Series system host boards and backplanes are designed for easy system integration into industry standard 19″ rackmount computer enclosures.
Intel® Xeon® Cores Threads CPU Speed Memory Speed Max Temp TDP
Gold 6138 20 40 2.0GHz DDR4-2666


Gold 6130 16 32 2.1GHz DDR4-2666 45C 125W
Gold 5120T 14 28 2.2GHz DDR4-2400 50C 105W
Gold 6126T 12 24 2.6GHz DDR4-2666 50C 125W
Gold 5118 12 24 2.3GHz DDR4-2400 50C 105W
Silver 4116T 12 24 2.1GHz DDR4-2400 50C 85W
Silver 4109T 8 16 2.0GHz DDR4-2400 50C 70W

These long-life processors support forty (44) native PCI Express 3.0 links per processor for a total of eighty-eight (88) PCIe Gen3 links routed off the SEP8253 and down to an HDEC Series system backplane.  Each processor supports a number of advanced Intel technologies including Intel® Hyper-Threading, Intel® Turbo Boost* and Intel® Virtualization (VT-x).

BIOS (Flash)
AMI - Aptio 5.x
Intel® C622 Platform Controller Hub (PCH)
  • 2 - 10GbE, Intel® x557
  • 1 - 1GbE, Intel® i219-LM
  • 1 - 1GbE, Intel® i210-AT
PCIe Gen3
  • 5 - x16 PCIe Gen3
  • 1 - x8 PCIe Gen3
  • PCIe Gen 3 lanes routed through edge connectors C1, C2, C3.
1 - RS232 Serial (I/O Bracket)


  • 6 - Backplane Interfaces
  • 1 - Onboard Header

USB 3.0

  • 4 - I/O Bracket
  • 6 - Backplane Interfaces


  • 1 - I/O Bracket


  • 1 - Audio Out - I/O Bracket
  • 1 - Audio In - I/O Bracket
  • 1 - Mic In - I/O Bracket

*Audio interface ports are not available when using the SEP8253 in a 2U rackmount computer chassis


8 - DDR4-2666 DIMM slots supporting ECC Registered memory. 

Maximum memory is 1TB.

Note: RDIMMs are required for use on the SEP8253.

Lithium – CMOS data retention, expected lifetime 10 years

The SEP8253 system host board; with an appropriate HDEC Series backplane (model number HDBxxx) are ideal long-life system building blocks for integrating into industry standard 2U, 4U and 5U rackmount computer enclosures. The SEP8253 board dimensions are as follows.

  • Board dimensions – 13.345” (33.896cm) L x 5.750” (14.605”cm) H
  • Standard cooling solution height – 2.84" (71.99mm)
  • Low-profile cooling solution height – 1.33"  (33.78mm)
Some system integration applications using chassis such as 2U rackmount computers require lower profile cooling solutions.  A low profile heat sink option is available for the SEP8253 board that allows option card placements of 1.550″ (39.37mm) from the topside of the board.  A low profile cooling solution usually results in a 25-30% reduction in a systems maximum operating temperature rating.
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C (CPU Dependant)
  • Storage Temperature: -40° to 70° C
5% to 90% non-condensing
Agency Approvals & Compliance