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Drivers, Utilities, and Technical Information


Drivers & Utilities

Intel AMT Drivers

  1. Intel® AMT driver for the THD8141 (THD8141)
  2. Intel® AMT/ME Driver Ver. 11 for Intel® 604 PCH (BXT7059, BXTS7059)
  3. Intel® AMT driver for TSB7053 when using Ivy Bridge Processors (TSB7053)
  4. Intel® AMT driver for TSB7053 when using Sandy Bridge Processors (TSB7053)

Cascade Lake Drivers

  1. SEP Cascade Lake Drivers

Audio Drivers

  1. SigmaTel Audio Drivers (TQ9)

Chipset Drivers

  1. Intel® Chipset Driver Software (Intel® 612) (HEP8225)
  2. Intel® Chipset Driver Software (Intel® C226) (THD8141)
  3. Intel® Chipset Device Software (Intel® C604 PCH with Ivy Bridge Processors) (BXT7059, BXTS7059)
  4. Intel® Chipset Update Software for the Intel® C206 Platform Controller Hub (PCH) when using Ivy Bridge Processors (TSB7053)
  5. Intel® Chipset Update Software for the Intel® 3420 Platform Controller Hub (PCH) (JXT6966, JXTS6966, JXM7031, JXMS7031, JXMI8001)
  6. Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility (T4L, TML, TQ9)
  7. Application Accelerator (T4I, T4G, T4R)
  8. Chipset Update Software (SLT, SLI, T4I, XPI, T4G, CP10, CP16, XPT, MX8, T4R, NLI, NLT, MCX, MCG)

Ethernet Drivers

  1. Network Adapters (Intel® x540 & Intel® i217) (HEP8225)
  2. Network Adapters (Intel® i350 & Intel® i217) (THD8141)
  3. Network Adapters (Intel® i350 & Intel® 82579) (BXT7059, BXTS7059)
  4. Network Adapters (Intel® 82580DB & Intel® 82579) (TSB7053)
  5. Intel® PRO/1000 MT Network & Server Adapters (JXT6966, JXTS6966, JXM7031, JXMS7031, JXMI8001, TQ9, T4L, TML, MCX, MCG,WTM7026, NTM6900)
  6. Intel® 21143 Ethernet Drivers (P2LX, P2BX, P2GX, DP2, DP2GX, CBX)
  7. Intel® 82559 Ethernet Drivers (SLE, ULE, CPLE, CBI/CGI, CPBI, CBU/CGU)

Raid Drivers

  1. Intel® SATA RAID Drivers for Intel® 612 PCH (HEP8225)
  2. Intel® SATA Raid Drivers for Intel® C226 PCH (THD8141)
  3. Intel® SATA Raid Drivers for Intel® C206 PCH (TSB7053)
  4. Intel® SATA Raid Drivers for the Intel® 3420 PCH (JXT6966, JXTS6966, JXM7031, JXMS7031, JXMI8001)
  5. Intel® SATA Raid Drivers (MCX, MCG, T4L, TML, TQ9, WTM7026, NTM6900)

USB 3.0 Drivers

  1. USB3.0 Drivers for Win7 and Win2008 Server (HEP8225)
  2. USB3.0 Drivers for Win7 and Win2008 Server (THD8141)

Linux Drivers

  1. Linux drivers for the JXT6966, JXTS6966, JXM7031, JXMS7031, and JXMI8001

SCSI Drivers

  1. QLA12160 SCSI Adapter Drivers (CBU, ULE, XPI)
  2. QLA10160 SCSI Adapter Drivers (SLE) 
  3. Adaptec 7902 SCSI Drivers (RTM25, XPT)
  4. Adaptec AIC-7880 SCSI Drivers (P2LX, P2BX, P2GX, DP2, DP2GX, CBX, CBI/CGI)
  5. Adaptec AIC-7890 SCSI Drivers (CPBI)
  6. AIC-7892 SCSI Drivers (T4I, MX8, T4R)  

SCSI Setup Utilities

  1. Adaptec AIC-7880 SCSI Setup Utility (P2LX, P2BX, P2GX, DP2, DP2GX, CBX, CBI/CGI)
  2. Adaptec AIC-7890 SCSI Setup Utility (CPBI)

TPM Drivers

  1. TPM 1.2 Drivers (THD8141, TSB7053, TQ9, MCX, MCG, WTM7026, NTM6900)  

Video Drivers

  1. ASPEED AST2400 Video Driver (HEP8225)
  2. Intel® HD Graphics P4600 (THD8141) 
  3. Intel® HD Graphics P3000 (TSB7053)  
  4. XGI® Volari™ Z11 GPU (BXT7059, BXTS7059, JXT6966, JXTS6966, WTM7026, NTM6900)  
  5. ATI ES1000 Video Controllers (MCX, MCG)
  6. Intel® Q35 Video/Graphics Driver (TQ9)
  7. Intel® 945G Video/Graphics Driver (T4L and TML)
  8. Intel® 845GV Video Driver (T4G)
  9. Display Port Drivers (Mini PC)

Legacy Drivers

  1. Driver CD with a full set of drivers for older processor boards (Version 038)

Technical Information

BIOS version listings, product manuals, data sheets, diagrams and other technical information can be found on each product page, while the table below will provides a consolidated document reference location.

Operating System Options for Trenton Systems Processor Boards

  1. Operating Systems Testing and SBC Usage Table

Technical Support Videos

  1. Industrial Computer System Filter and CPU Heatsink Maintenance
  2. Single Board Computer CMOS Battery Replacement
  3. How To Clear CMOS on a Single Board Computer and Modular Blade Card

Product Selection Guides

  1. Product Guide for HDEC® Series Systems, SHBs and Backplanes
  2. Product Guide for all Rackmount Computer Systems

Product Data Sheets

HDEC Series System Host Boards

  1. HEP8225

HDEC Series Backplanes

  1. HDB8227
  2. HDB8228
  3. HDB8236
  4. HDB8237

PICMG 1.3 System Host Boards/Single Board Computers

  1. THD8141
  2. BXT7059 – Ivy Bridge Processors
  3. BXT7059 – Sandy Bridge Processors
  4. BXTS7059 – Ivy Bridge Processor
  5. BXTS7059 – Sandy Bridge Processor
  6. TSB7053
  7. JXT6966
  8. JXTS6966
  9. TQ9 (6731-xxx)
  10. TML (6490-xxx)
  11. T4L (6483-xxx)

PICMG 1.3 Backplanes

  1. BPC8219
  2. BPG8194
  3. BPG8155
  4. BPG8150
  5. BPX8093
  6. BPX8087
  7. BPG8032
  8. BPG7087
  9. BPC7041
  10. BP2S6929
  11. BP4FS6890
  12. BPX6806
  13. BPX6719
  14. BPG6714
  15. BPG6600
  16. BPX6610
  17. BPG6615
  18. BPX6620
  19. BPG6544
  20. BPX3/14 (6467)
  21. BPX5 (6510)
  22. BPG4 (6537)
  23. BPX3/2 (6526)
  24. BPG2/2 (6532)

Legacy PICMG 1.3 System Host Boards/Single Board Computers

  1. MCX Series (6633, 6638, 6685, 6700)
  2. MCG Series (6675, 6680, 6690, 6695)
  3. SLT (6515-xxx)
  4. NLT (6313-xxx)
  5. SLI (6521-xxx)
  6. NLI (6396-xxx)

Legacy PICMG 1.3 Backplanes

  1. BP6FS6605
  2. BPC7009
  3. BPX3/8 (6377-xxx)

Embedded Motherboards – Trenton Manufactured

  1. JXM7031 (7031-xxx)
  2. JXMS7031 (7031-xxx)
  3. WTM7026 (7026-xxx)
  4. NTM6900 (6900-xxx)

Technical Manuals

HDEC Series System Host Boards/Single Board Computers

  1. HEP8225 Manual
  2. HEP8225 BIOS Setup

HDEC Series Backplanes

  1. HDEC Series Backplane Technical Reference Manual

PICMG 1.3System Host Boards/Single Board Computers

  1. THD8141 Hardware
  2. THD8141 BIOS
  3. BXT7059 / BXTS7059 Hardware
  4. BXT7059 / BXTS7059 BIOS Setup
  5. TSB7053 Hardware
  6. TSB7053 BIOS Setup
  7. JXT6966 / JXTS6966 Hardware
  8. JXT6966 / JXTS6966 BIOS Setup
  9. MCX (6633-6638, 6685-, 6700-xxx)
  10. MCG (6675-6680, 6690, 6695-xxx)
  11. SLT (6515-xxx)
  12. NLT (6313-xxx)
  13. TQ9 (6731-xxx)
  14. TML (6490-xxx)
  15. SLI (6521-xxx)
  16. NLI (6396-xxx)
  17. Server Class Backplanes
  18. Graphics Class Backplanes
  19. Installation Guide – FSC1400 Fan Speed Controller Kit
  20. Installation Guide - FSC1401 Fan Speed Controller Kit

Embedded Motherboards – Trenton Manufactured

  1. JXM7031 / JXMS7031 (7031-xxx) – Not Available, see Jumpers, Connectors & Memory Document
  2. WTM7026 (7026-xxx) / NTM6900 (6900-xxx)

PCI Express Expansion Chassis, PEU8039 Host & PED8044 Target Boards

  1. Trenton PCI Express Expansion System Installation Guide

PICMG 1.0 Single Board Computers

  1. MX8 (6240-xxx)
  2. T4R (6401-xxx)
  3. T4G (6130-xxx)
  4. XPT (6090-xxx)
  5. T4I (6053-xxx)
  6. XPI (6022-xxx)
  7. ULE (5927-xxx) — Contact Trenton for ULE technical information
  8. SLE (5891-xxx)
  9. CBI (5721-xxx) 
  10. PICMG 1.0 Backplanes


  1. MCP6792 (6792-xxx)
  2. CP16 (6137-xxx)

LCD Monitors

  1. Trenton TMM4500 Reference Guide

Backplane Jumper & Connector Information - For Products Without a Webpage

PICMG 1.0 

  1. BP1/1/2/4/4 (6120_xxx)

SBC Jumpers, Connectors & Memory Information - For Products Without a Webpage


  1. CBU/CGU (5870-xxx)
  2. CBI/CB BASIC/CGI (5721-xxx)
  3. CBX (5690-xxx)
  4. CBX BASIC (5690-x2x)
  5. P2BX/P2GX (5649-xxx)
  6. DP2/DP2GX (5664-xxx)
  7. T2V (5449-xxx)
  8. T2 (5422-xxx)


  1. CP10 (6420-xxx)
  2. CPLE (5932-xxx)
  3. CPBI (5814-xxx)

Active Option Cards

  1. IOB33 (92-7015xxx00000)

Option Cards that are End of Life (EOL)

  1. IOB32 (6830-xxx)
  2. IOB31 (6474-xxx)
  3. IOB30 (6391-xxx)
  4. RTM25 (6142-xxx)

Other Product Info

Application Notes

  1. The Future of NonVolatile Storage
  2. Trenton THD8141 Backplane Compatibility
  3. Trenton BXT7059 22nm Intel® Micro-Architecture vs. 32nm Intel® Micro-Architecture Benchmark Results
  4. Trenton BXT7059 & BXTS7059 Backplane Compatibility
  5. Trenton TSB7053 Backplane Compatibility
  6. Trenton TSB7053 Benchmarks
  7. Trenton System Host Board (SHB), IOB33 and PEX10 Compatibility
  8. Trenton JXT6966 & JXTS6966 Backplane Compatibility
  9. Installing a CODEC sound driver on the Trenton TQ9 System Host Board
  10. Connecting to USB Headers on PICMG® 1.3 Backplanes and System Host Boards
  11. Rackmount Slides - Rack Slide Dimension Drawing and Usage Table


  1. Trenton Systems ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
  2. RoHS Directive, REACH Regulation Compliance and Conflict Minerals Statements

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