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Trenton Systems Company Overview
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Trenton Systems Company Overview

Established in 1977, Trenton Systems has become a global leader in the design and manufacture of board level products and integrated computer systems to meet the critical demands of applications which require high-performance and reliability.

We’ve created a variety of videos that highlight Trenton Systems history, capabilities, and specific features of our world class board-level and system-level products.

HDEC Series Single Board Computer and System Overview
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HDEC Series Single Board Computer and System Overview

High Density Embedded Computing or HDEC is a new system host board (SHB) and backplane interconnect paradigm from Trenton Systems that enables over 80 PCI Express 3.0 links between the HDEC SHB and system backplane.

HDEC 4U Rackmount Computer and Backplane Overview

Trenton Systems THS4095 4U, large-format capable rackmount chassis and the HDB8259 GPU-optimized backplane come together to offer sytem longevity and performance by offering fourteen PCI Express 3.0 option card slots. These building blocks, when combined with a compatible HDEC Series SHB, form a system that is powerful, extensible and reliable.

MBS1000 1U Rackmount Modular Blade System

The MBS1000 is the first of an all-new product line of modular server products from Trenton Systems which are rugged, field-deployable blade-style units.  The MBC8240 System Host Board is even replaceable as a single unit.

TKL8255 PICMG 1.3 Single Board Computer Overview

The Trenton Systems TKL8255 is a PICMG 1.3 "SHB Express" Single Board Computer or "System Host Board" that leverages the newest Intel processors, previously known as "Skylake and Kaby Lake," to bring contemporary performance benefits to the PICMG 1.3 platform. Extended board lifecycles and Trenton Systems' made-in-USA quality means you can deploy the TKL8255 into your embedded computing environment with confidence.

BXT7059 Dual-Processor Single Board Computer

Trenton’s BXT7059 dual-processor single board computer features two long-life, multi-core Intel Xeon processors with native PCI Express 3.0 support and extended memory capability.

TMS4702 4U MIL-STD Rackmount Computer

Trenton’s TMS4702 4U MIL-STD rackmount computer has been certified to MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F environmental and electrical standards and test methods, and utilizes long-life system components to support extended military deployments.

TRC2005 2U Rugged Rackmount Computer

Trenton’s TRC2005 2U rugged rackmount computer is an ideal solution for government and defense, industrial automation, as well as energy applications.  The SBC and backplane are built in the US with 7+ year availability, and have a 5-year warranty.

TRC4008 4U Rugged Rackmount Computer

The TRC4008 4U rugged rackmount computer features a wide variety of PCI Express backplane options with single or dual-processor single board computers, and up to 8 front access/hot swap storage drives in a compact 20″ enclosure depth.

BPG8155 PCI Express Gen3 Backplane

The BPG8155 PCI Express backplane when paired with the BXT7059 SBC delivers PCI Express Gen3 link speeds and expanded I/O card bandwidth.  This backplane supports up to twelve PCI Express standard plug-in I/O, video, graphics or communications cards.

TRC5000 5U Rugged Rackmount Computer

Trenton’s TRC5000 5U rackmount computer has a compact chassis depth of just 18″ and supports up to four single board computers with a multi-segment, PCIe backplane such as the BP4FS6890, hosting four systems inside one enclosure.

TRC5006 5U Rugged Rackmount Computer

Trenton’s TRC5006 is a UL recognized 5U rackmount computer that features an N+1 redundant power supply, holds up to eight 2.5″ front-access drives, and provides 17 PCI Express I/O slots in a single-segment 20-slot form factor backplane.

TTX3100 PCI Express Expansion Chassis

See how the Trenton TTX3100 simplifies I/O expansion in existing host server installations using a high-speed, wide bandwidth x16 PCI Express connection from the host server to this compact 3U rackmount PCI Express expansion chassis.