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A US-made computing solution offering extensive configurability and compute power that enhances AI/ML/DL workloads and big data analytics, designed in a rugged, modular blade enclosure for rapid deployment at the tactical edge. 

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Configurable Off The Shelf.

Two front-removable processor blades + customizable I/O boards = application adaptability. Translation: A modular, 2-in-1 computer system designed to MIL standards and your specs & requirements.

Analyze lots of data in real-time with two Intel 3rd Gen Xeon-SP CPUs

Gain immediate, actionable insights at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels with 1.46x faster processing and 1.56x faster AI inferencing per processor.
Intel TME

Advanced encryption technologies guard your critical data

An encrypted hardware, firmware, and software layer stack reduce the physical and digital attack surface to ensure protection of sensitive and classified information at rest, in transit, and in use.

Increase data transfer via high-bandwidth Ethernet 

Supports 100G/40G/25G/10G/1G Ethernet with IPMI to increase data transfer rates while keeping security measures top of mind.
Ethernet RAID
Navy Carrier for 1U-1-1


Use Cases & Applications

We integrate new technologies and customize our computing solutions to meet our customers' diverse requirements.  
Electromagnetic Warfare

Electromagnetic Warfare

Employ enhanced AI techniques to ensure better, faster identification and decision-making.  


C6ISR Capabilities

Collect, process, and exploit information to safely execute command and control in the harshest of environments. 


Signal Intelligence

Detect radar signals in unprecedented bandwidth to effectively track and engage enemy attacks.   

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