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Configurability, connectivity, and compute power that enhances AI/ML/DL workloads and big data analytics, designed in a secure, SWaP-optimized, modular blade enclosure.

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Compute density. Redefined.

 Translation: A COTS, scalable high-performance computing solution with two front-removable, dual-processor blades and easy cable management built to enhance ever-changing applications at the edge.

Enable rapid deployment with quick, tool-less configuration

Each blade detaches without having to remove cables from the I/O board, reducing downtime and simplifying technology updates alongside evolving workloads.

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1U BAM FM Blades
2-in-1 solution
Maximize compute density with a 2-in-1, TAA-compliant solution
Run multiple demanding applications for EW and C6ISR on a single lightweight, low-power server hosting two systems to reduce footprint and total cost of ownership. 
Enhance compute power and connectivity with 5G technology
Intel® FlexRAN, Smart Edge, and 5G connectivity provide virtualized, low-latency networking to deliver actionable insights in the harshest of communications-denied and -contested environments. 

Guard critical data with advanced, multi-layer cybersecurity 

An encrypted hardware, firmware, software, and network layer stack protect data-at-rest, in-transit, and in-use against the most sophisticated of cyberattacks. 

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