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Redefining Off-The-Shelf

Configurable Systems

Resilient, cybersecure, high-performance computing solutions configured to your requirements with the latest technologies for on-premise, edge, and cloud deployments.

Rack Servers for IES-5G
Off-the-shelf designs
Extended lifecycle options
Five-year warranty
Lifetime support

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System Families

Need something more custom?
Craft a solution per your requirements to meet your most demanding application or program needs.

A new addition to the 2U BAM Series

Up to 11x PCIe 4.0/5.0 slots to greatly expand I/O capabilities and enhance configurability to meet your most complex application and program requirements.


TAC Series with more drives

Now with two front-removable, FIPS-certified SATA self-encrypting SSDs to secure store and retrieve large amounts of critical intelligence in seconds.

Configure at will

Overview & Highlights

Easily configure your solution to maximize performance, security, and adaptability alongside ever-evolving, critical workloads.


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"Trenton provides outstanding customer service and engineering support. All technical information is made readily available to ensure successful operation."
Senior Engineer
Tier 1 Military Prime
"Trenton is a significant ally and key supplier to our team. They understand our needs are unique and are able to consistently deliver."
Program Manager
Global Technology Innovator
“I am impressed by the reliability and resiliency of Trenton's hardware and find the end product to be superior to other manufacturers I have used.”
Lead Engineer
Tier 1 Military Prime

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