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Our Technology Partners

Industry-leading technology companies integrating the latest hardware- and software-based technologies onto Trenton Systems' hardware to deliver turnkey end-to-end solutions.

Intel® is a global leader in semiconductor technology, powering the world's most advanced computing systems with its cutting-edge processors.

Their solutions drive the future of technology, enabling businesses to excel with enhanced compute and connectivity.

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Intel 5th Gen Xeon CPUs
Data Center

NVIDIA® is a pioneer in AI- and GPU-accelerated computing, providing the tools and technologies that push the boundaries of what's possible.

Their GPU solutions deliver unrivaled performance for complex workloads, fostering innovation across industries.

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AI-Powered Solutions

Zscaler® is a cloud-native security platform that redefines cybersecurity by delivering comprehensive protection for organizations in a cloud-first world.

Their software-based solutions safeguard critical data, applications, and services without compromising performance.

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Zscaler Security Diagram

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