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4U Server Powers Scientific Research at Major University

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4U Server Powers Scientific Research at Major University

Chapter I

About the Project

A public research university needed a high-performance computer to create experimental controls, which are used in scientific research to minimize the influence of extraneous variables on dependent variables.

The customer chose Trenton for one main reason: we're known for configuring our boards with lots of PCIe slots, which the customer needed to utilize for their research.

Engineers in a science lab
Chapter II

The Problem

The customer's primary pain point was adding a backplane with lots of PCIe Gen 3 slots to their existing computer system.

However, the customer ultimately decided that configuring an entirely new server solution was the right choice for their application.

More specifically, the customer decided on a dual-processor-board solution paired with a midsize backplane capable of hosting at least eight PCIe Gen 3 slots to support their SSDs and NVIDIA GPUs.

Other pain points included equipping the system with Intel Xeon CPUs capable of effectively supporting the customer's NVIDIA GPUs and acquiring 64GB of RAM to ensure smooth application performance overall.

Chapter III

The Goal

  • Configure a server solution with a midsize backplane hosting at least eight PCIe Gen 3 slots
  • Ensure the processor board's Intel Xeon CPUs are capable of effectively supporting the customer's PCIe Gen 3 slot configuration and NVIDIA GPUs
  • Equip the server solution with 64GB of RAM
Chapter IV

The Challenge

Midway through the deal, Trenton Systems discovered that the customer's NVIDIA GPUs had reached end-of-life.

Trenton's dedicated team of in-house field application engineers (FAEs) recommended a replacement and ensured that the new NVIDIA GPU model was a suitable option for the customer's controlled experiment application.

Trenton's FAEs also worked with the customer to secure capable but budget-friendly Intel Xeon CPUs to adequately support their now-configured high-performance server solution.

Chapter V

The Result

The customer ultimately purchased a barebones configuration from Trenton, opting to install the GPUs, SSDs, and DIMMs later, with the help of Trenton Systems' all-star support team if needed.

The customer purchased a THS4086 system with a SEP8253 processor board and HDB8228 backplane, complete with eight PCIe Gen 3 slots and dual Intel Xeon Silver 4209T CPUs.

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