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Rugged Mini PC for Mobile Data Acquisition Systems

Defense and Government

Rugged Mini PC for Mobile Data Acquisition Systems

Chapter I

About the Project

A multimillion-dollar company specializing in data acquisition (DAQ) and test and measurement solutions needed a made-in-USA, small-form-factor rugged computer to serve as the driving connectivity and software force behind their brand-new, mobile, WiFi-enabled, customizable data acquisition systems, ready to be packed up and deployed at the transport edge anytime, anywhere, and at the drop of a pelican case.

The small-form-factor computer would serve as the source of the systems' mobile WiFi networks, as well as capture, analyze, and store data from live DAQ nodes measuring phenomena in real time and in a variety of harsh environments, including hypersonic testing facilities, jet engine test facilities, flight lines, and system integration laboratories.

Data Acquisition
Chapter II

The Problem

Due to the nature of the DAQ systems' processing and streaming requirements, as well as their intended environments, the customer needed the systems' small-form-factor computers to be compact but also large-scale processing powerhouses capable of running their DAQ software, which collects data via USB and Ethernet. The computers also needed to be able to withstand frequent and intense shock and vibration.

After all, these DAQ systems would be picked up, lugged, and dropped onto tanks, aircraft, buses, large trucks, and other vehicles constantly throughout their life cycle.

And due to the frequent high-speed collection of data taking place, a high-capacity storage drive with fast read and write speeds was also an essential part of the customer's configuration.

Chapter III

The Goal

  • Decide on a small-form-factor rugged computing solution for the customer
  • Ensure the computer's ruggedization and durability by confirming its ability to withstand frequent and intense shock and vibration
  • Incorporate a CPU capable of supporting the DAQ systems' frequent mobile data collection activities
  • Equip the small-form-factor computers with storage drives capable of quickly reading and writing captured data
Chapter IV

The Challenge

The customer requested that Trenton install WiFi cards on the small-form-factor rugged computers, which Trenton typically refrains from doing given that its military customers cannot accept them.

Thankfully, Trenton Systems controls the design of its high-performance computing solutions, including its processor boards and motherboards, so modifying the computers' mini-ATX motherboards to include WiFi cards was just a matter of sending a request to engineering.

Chapter V

The Result

Trenton Systems recommended to the customer its ION Mini PC, a rugged, small-form-factor, lightweight, high-powered workstation capable of withstanding intense shock and vibration.

The ION Mini PC is made in the USA, SWaP-optimized, and can be configured to fit customers' unique requirements. It uses an Intel Core i3-i7 processor, a high-speed, high-capacity NVMe SSD or SATA HDD, and can even be configured with mounting brackets for extra stability.

After assessing the ION Mini PC for proper fit and function, the customer purchased numerous for their DAQ systems, yet another example of a major company trusting durable, reliable, secure, made-in-USA rugged computers to support their data acquisition products and data acquisition applications for years to come.

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