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PCIe Expansion Systems

Configurable PCIe expansion chassis delivering expanded I/O capabilities alongside evolving workloads.

PCIe Gen3 Expansion Hero
Up to 18x

PCIe 3.0 slots

Host a wide range of option cards to meet your application or program demands. 


Rapid throughput 

x16 expansion cable supports high-speed data transfer between host and target. 

Choose your cable

Two cable options carry signals from host system to target system with ease. 

Application Agnostic

System design flexibility

Host card connects to any system with a x16 slot, and option cards can be easily added or removed without modifying or removing existing components.

PCIe Host and Expansion System

Performance optimization

Tasks are offloaded from the host system to dedicated option cards within the target system (expansion chassis) to reduce congestion, latency, and resource contention. 

Performance Optimization

Solution Features

Our TAA-compliant PCIe Expansion Systems are available as a standard or custom design to fit your most complex technical, performance, and environmental requirements.

Need expanded I/O capabilities for your application or program?

Configure your PCIe Expansion System today.