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Trenton has been a leader in the embedded, industrial computer industry since 1989. Few computer companies can say that they have remained relevant in this ever-changing technology industry for so many years. We have a rich history and have been used in many critical applications, but our goal has always remained the same...exceed the customer's expectations by adding value. 

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Trenton was first established in Duluth, Georgia in 1989. Our first computer board used a Z-80 (ZiLog) 8 bit microprocessor running at 4MHz. The first boards were designed using Mylar and were centered around providing lots of ISA slots for customers.


As a founding member of PICMG (PCI Industrial Manufacturers Group) Trenton pulled together the industry to define a standard form factor called PICMG 1.0 (defined the ISA & PCI connections to a backplane). An interesting side note, Trenton is the only original member of PICMG is still in business. That same year Trenton moved to Gainesville, Georgia.


Intel created a new partner program called the Embedded and Communications Alliance. As a charter member, Trenton has access to Intel’s roadmap, technical support directly from Intel, as well as co-selling opportunities. To this day our close partnership with Intel has been vital to designing and supporting our processor product line.


Again, Trenton led the industry by writing the PICMG 1.3 specification which targeted a new protocol called PCI Express. Trenton had always provided products with up to 17 slots of ISA, PCI, and PCI-X; but now Trenton was able to provide customers with up to 20 lanes of PCI Express.


By adding a full mechanical engineering group Trenton Systems not only designs the processor boards and backplanes, but now also designs and integrates full systems (chassis, power supply, etc). Customers now have one place to go for full rugged computer systems.


After 22 years in Gainesville, GA we finally outgrew our building. Trenton relocated to Lawrenceville, Georgia which tripled the size of our previous facility and provided a state of the art design and manufacturing facility. Trenton also does the first software (BIOS and IPMI) development in house.

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Processor Boards

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Our custom solutions are unmatched.

rackmount chassis

Electrical Design

Processor board designs with the latest Xeon and Core series Intel CPUs.
rackmount solutions

Intel partnership

As a charter member of Intel's partner program Trenton has technical and design support directly from Intel.
industrial pc

Mechanical Design

Rugged, industrial, lightweight chassis design from 1U to 6U.
server case

Engineering partnership

Work directly with Trenton's engineers to design and validate your product. Our engineers are your engineers.
embedded computers

Software Design

Customize your BIOS, system management (IPMI), remote monitoring, and fan control.
rack mount server

Integration services

Let Trenton install, test, and support your PCIe cards, software, and operating system.

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What our clients say ...

L3 Mission Integration is deeply honored and privileged to have worked alongside the extremely professional and talented personnel at Trenton on the Korea Lot P-3C Upgrade Program. Thank you for a job exceptionally well done!


It's such a pleasure to work with vendors who are responsive and helpful. I definitely don't take that for granted.


You have been extremely helpful, thorough, knowledgeable, and patient through this process, both email, and especially the extended time on the phone. It's always a pleasure working with Trenton Systems. Thank you!


Thank you all for the dedication required to get it done. I truly appreciate Trenton's commitment and resolve.