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Trenton Systems

About Us

Here are a few words from our leadership team.

How It All Began

Our Story

Proudly Made in the USA Since 1989

“If you do the right things, then the right people will take notice.”
Michael Bowling
Michael Bowling

Chief Executive Officer

From making processor boards in a garage, Trenton Systems has evolved into a OEM/ODM of resilient, high-performance computing solutions for the defense, government, industrial, and commercial sectors.

For 35 years, we've stayed true to our commitment of providing the latest in quality, advanced computing technologies while continually exceeding customer expectations and improving our internal processes.

Our team is spread out between two state-of-the-art facilities comprising over 100,000 square feet of space, working tirelessly to connect both man and machine for critical applications, networks, and services.

Our Pillars

Customer-Driven & Versatile Design

Configurable and custom solutions designed in consultation with customers and our partnership ecosystem to meet ever-evolving application and program needs.

Customer-Driven Design

Secure & Transparent Supply Chain

Proactive risk management methodologies that help navigate supply chain complexities and prevent infiltration of counterfeit components to preserve system integrity.

Secure Supply Chain

Multi-Layered Security

Zero trust architected across the hardware, firmware, software, and network stack to protect data-at-rest, in-transit, and in-use against sophisticated cyberattacks.


Made in USA & TAA-Compliant Computing

Designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, and supported in the United States of America our at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA with dedicated craftsmanship and innovation.

Made in USA Computers

Quality Control & Compliance 

All our solutions are fully tested and vetted in-house and through third parties to stringent military and industrial standards while adhering to the latest quality management certifications.

Quality Control and Compliance

Core Competencies


In-house mechanical, electrical, and software engineers that control chassis, board, and code design.


Certified in-house and through third parties to the most stringent military and industrial standards.

Quality Control

We ensure the reliability, resiliency, and durability of our hardware to deliver peak performance.

Revision Control

Customers give full approval before any changes to systems and solutions, and are notified of EOL components.


Industry's leading five-year warranty program with direct access to our engineering and support teams.

Lifetime Support

Full access to our support team for custom BIOS work, troubleshooting, and repair and replace.

TS Values Transparent Background

Our Leadership Team

Our Partners

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