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ZiLog Z80


Established in Duluth, Georgia in 1989, our first computer board used a Z-80 (ZiLog) 8 bit microprocessor running at 4MHz. The first boards were designed using Mylar and were centered around providing lots of ISA slots for customers.



As a founding member of PICMG (PCI Industrial Manufacturers Group) Trenton Systems pulled together the industry to define a standard form factor called PICMG 1.0. An interesting side note, Trenton is the only original member of PICMG is still in business. That same year Trenton moved to Gainesville, Georgia.



Intel® created a new partner program called the Embedded and Communications Alliance. As a charter member, Trenton Systems has access to Intel’s roadmap, technical support directly from Intel®, as well as co-selling opportunities. To this day our close partnership with Intel® has been vital to designing and supporting our processor product line.



Again, Trenton led the industry by writing the PICMG 1.3 specification which targeted a new protocol called PCI Express. Trenton had always provided products with up to 17 slots of ISA, PCI, and PCI-X; but now Trenton was able to provide customers with up to 20 lanes of PCI Express.



By adding a full mechanical engineering group Trenton Systems not only designs the processor boards and backplanes, but now also designs and integrates full systems (rugged chassis, power supply, etc). Customers now have one place to go for full rugged servers and workstations.

Trenton Systems
Lawrenceville, GA


After 22 years in Gainesville, GA we finally outgrew our building. Trenton Systems relocated to Lawrenceville, GA, which tripled the size of our previous facility and provided a state of the art design and manufacturing facility. Trenton Systems also does the first software (BIOS and IPMI) development in house.

The Trenton Experience

Helping customers around the globe solve complex rugged computing requirements.






Programs & Applications

Maritza De Jesus, assembly technician at Trenton Systems, laughs as she works on a Trenton processor board.


Each rugged server and workstation is stress-tested to its limits then sent to a 3rd party test lab for certifications. 


Intel® Inside! Run by the latest and most powerful CPUs on the market, our rugged servers perform at max stress through the toughest conditions.


We design our rugged servers to exceed specs. This is why all of our products are certified to Military & Industrial Standards.


Say goodbye to cybersecurity threats. Locked and loaded at hardware level. Our Engineers ensure top system security no matter the situation.

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Success Stories

"1. The employee's response was quick and kind. 2. They followed up this issue to us."
Red Engineer Cog

Jaejun Cho
Engineer, Alphabet Company

We needed new labels & our contact, Nancy Pattillo was very helpful. She contacted us, & then followed-up with notes & over night shipped the needed material. The IBM team appreciated her support & prompt assistance.
Red Engineer Cog

Sheldon Martin
Sr. Project Manager, IBM

"The team at Trenton Systems answered all of my questions and provided information in a timely fashion. The Xmas and New Year holiday did seem to delay the final fix but the Customer Service and Tech Support Teams did their best to resolve the issue and got us back up and running."
Red Engineer Cog

Daniel Noreck
Sr. Electrical Engineer, Eaglepicher Technologies, LLC.

Our account manager Keifer Sims is doing a great job supporting us. He is very responsive.
Red Engineer Cog

Van Vaziri
Sr. Program Manager, Benchmark Electronics, Inc.

Great support. Trenton has all specialists in house and control the whole chain of their boards, custom BIOS etc.
Red Engineer Cog

Daniel Jauckus
Project Manager, Systerra Computer GmbH

Excellent, reliable servers that are reasonably priced and built like a tank.

Les Freed
Director of Communications, Star2Star Communications

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Trenton Systems 45 Day Loaner Program is for qualified candidates to test out any of our rugged servers absolutely free. No hidden fees. No gimmicks. No obligation. Just tell us what you want and the rest is on us.

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