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Next-Gen Blade Servers

Compact, secure, and configurable modular and non-modular blade servers that deliver enhanced compute and connectivity alongside evolving workloads.


Next-Gen Blade Servers


Up to four dual-CPU blades in a single server offers maximum compute within a small space.


Consolidated server design limits the amount of hardware within rack server infrastructure.

Minimal Power

All blades share resources to optimize systems performance, lowering power requirements.

Cost Effective

Multiple blades within a single server reduces compute footprint and hardware costs.

Technical Features

Form Factors
1U - 2U Form Factors
Up to 2x PCIe 5.0 slots
Up to 24x DIMM slots
Internal/removable SSDs
Intel® Xeon® SP CPUs

High-performance meets compact design

Each blade has dedicated and isolated resources--including up to two CPUs and a fixed, customizable I/O board--giving you multiple systems in a single chassis.

1U Fixed Blade Top

Future-proof your server

Hot swappable design allows you to remove blades in seconds to incorporate the latest technologies to meet the demands of complex, ever-evolving applications, networks, and services.

Blade Servers

System Features

Our TAA-compliant Next-Gen Blade Servers are available as a standard or custom design to fit your most complex technical, performance, and environmental requirements.

System Variations

Fixed Blade Server

Fixed Blade Servers

Up to two fixed blades, each with two Intel® Xeon® SP CPUs.

Front-Modular Blade Servers

Front-Modular Blade Servers

Up to three front-removable blades, each with up to two Intel® Xeon® SP CPUs

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