• System Host Board Product Selection Guide
    Select the long-life system host board/single board computer or embedded motherboard that is right for your specific application need.
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  • Integrated Systems Product Selection Guide
    Choose the integrated system to precisely match your specific application needs and system performance requirements.
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  • System Backplane Product Selection Guide
    Select the backplane foundation for your specific industrial or military computing system platform to enable expanded support for PCI Express or PCI/PCI-X plug-in option cards.
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Find Your Solution
Trenton Systems designs and builds customer-driven computing solutions for a broad range of industries
  • Defense
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Video Walls
  • Medical
  • Designed For Challenging Environments

    Trenton Systems' family of rugged military computers are ideal for airborne, shipboard, undersea and ground vehicle deployment, as well as inside command and control centers. These systems are designed to address shock & vibration, as well as thermal and electromagnetic interference issues, while employing short-depth aluminum chassis to satisfy critical size, weight & power (SWaP) considerations.
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  • Diverse Communication Platforms

    Trenton Systems excels in supporting a diverse range of communication applications that require increased processing power, memory speed and greater I/O and bus bandwidth. Customer-driven solutions utilize single board computers designed with the latest Intel processors and high slot count backplanes to meet the needs of monitoring, analyzing and transmitting data, voice an video feeds.
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  • Energy Industry Supply Chain

    Trenton Systems designs computing solutions to meet the needs of the energy industry supply chain, from exploration to production and transmission by utilizing long-life embedded motherboards, single board computers and backplanes to build fully integrated systems which employ rugged enclosures that withstand deployment in harsh environments.
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  • Video Walls In Control Room Environments

    From military command and control posts to emergency response facilities, network operations centers and energy management control rooms, video walls provide a wealth of real-time information for making tactical decisions. Trenton Systems understands the requirements designing scalable video wall controllers based on advanced video products such as Matrox Mura MPX video controller cards.
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  • Medical Imaging And Diagnostic Solutions

    Trenton Systems meets the needs of the medical industry by designing products with longevity and reliability in mind, using processors with 7 year availability and offering a 5 year factory warranty on Trenton single board computers, backplanes & embedded motherboards. Using dual multi-core Intel processors in conjunction with PCI Express communication bus technology, such platforms can easily satisfy high-bandwidth medical applications.
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