• World Class System Integration That Delivers

    √ Maximum system option flexibility

    √ Solutions engineered for performance

    √ System configuration stability and longevity

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  • System Host Board Product Selection Guide
    Select the long-life system host board/single board computer or embedded motherboard that is right for your specific application need.
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  • Integrated Systems Product Selection Guide
    Choose the integrated system to precisely match your specific application needs and system performance requirements.
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  • System Backplane Product Selection Guide
    Select the backplane foundation for your specific industrial or military computing system platform to enable expanded support for PCI Express or PCI/PCI-X plug-in option cards.
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System Integration and Custom Product Designs
Trenton designs and builds both standard and custom products fully integrated for maximum system performance and dependability.
  • Custom Design
  • Integration
  • Manufacturing
  • MIL-STD Certs
  • System BIOS
  • Custom Mechanical and Electronic Designs

    Trenton Systems' in-house engineering and manufacturing capability allows for modifications to our existing standard products, as well as ground up designs of both board-level products and enclosures - all built to your specifications.

    Custom designs are available for single board computers, embedded motherboards, PCI Express backplanes and rackmount enclosures. Such designs avoid the limitations and conflicts present in commercially available computer systems built for general purpose applications.
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  • Full System Integration Services

    Trenton Systems in-house integration facility is designed to provide application-ready computing solutions to our customers. Taking into account critical issues such as shock and vibration, as well a thermal management issues, I/O cards, drives and cables are configured to ensure reliable connections and unobstructed air flow.

    Custom configurations, which include customer specific I/O cards, operating systems and application software, result in lower overall cost and faster deployments in the field
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  • Board-Level Manufacturing Capability

    Trenton Systems designs and manufactures board-level products, such as single board computers, PCI Express backplanes and embedded motherboards, in the United States using ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities that adhere to rigorous manufacturing and quality control standards.

    Maintaining our own surface-mount manufacturing facility ensures the highest quality and long-term reliability, from prototype to full production while mitigating important issues such as component tampering and counterfeiting.
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  • MIL-STD Certification Services

    While all of our systems are built for long-life operation in challenging environments, demanding military applications prone to elevated levels of shock and vibration, temperature extremes and EMI/RFI emissions often require computing solutions that have been certified to MIL-STD procedures.

    Trenton Systems has built a line of rackmount MIL-STD computers that have been thoroughly tested and certified. With our custom design capability we can create MIL-STD solutions that meet unique customer requirements.
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  • Revision Control and BIOS Modifications

    Customer-driven computing solutions require full control of the system BIOS. In addition to our in-house electronic and mechanical engineers, Trenton Systems maintains full-time BIOS engineers dedicated to developing and maintaining system BIOS firmware for all board-level products.

    Whether your application demands a change in standard default settings, boot priority, device bus capacity, retry logic or memory resource requests, our engineers can create a revision controlled BIOS to satisfy your system needs.
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