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Trenton Systems

Service Policy

Trenton Systems' service policy is designed to ensure customer satisfaction by providing prompt and efficient assistance for any product-related issues, emphasizing transparency and reliability throughout the process.

  1. Trenton configurations carry a 5-year warranty. Any units brought in for repair that have surpassed that warranty period will incur a $500 fee for board / $750 fee for system. A purchase order will need to be sent up-front for out-of-warranty repairs before customers can receive a service order assignment number. 
  2. We verify warranty via the serial number on the part, board, or system. Please be sure to identify the serial number when submitting your service request so that we will be able to honor your warranty agreement if the unit in question must be brought in for repair.
  3. Any service order requests that forgo the initial debugging process with our support team and are sent to our facility without an extensive problem description will incur an additional $350 up-front fee regardless of warranty.
  4. Trenton Systems honors warranties for the initial purchaser of our units. If you are not the original purchaser of the system or unit, please contact the supplier of the item in question in order to proceed with opening a service ticket request.
  5. Any units for which our technicians cannot duplicate the specified problem based on available information will incur a $150 fee on products outside of warranty.
  6. Any units found to have accidental/incidental damage will incur an additional $350 fee regardless of warranty.
  7. Trenton Systems will cover component replacements for in-warranty units up to $1000. Any replacements above this amount will be expensed by the repair requestor. Replacements for out-of-warranty units will incur the specified repair fee as well as the full cost of the replacement component.
  8. Trenton Systems will pay for shipment of in-warranty units following repair back to the customer. The repair requestor will incur the expense of shipping a unit for repair to the facility regardless of warranty and will expense shipping both to and from our facility if the unit is out-of-warranty, found to have no fault, or found to have customer-induced damage. If a customer desires an expedited shipping method, expedited shipping charges will be incurred at the expense of the repair requestor.
  9. Please contact our sales support team at salescoordinators@trentonsystems.com if you have questions about the status of a current service order repair.
  10. Please contact your account manager if you wish to be quoted for a replacement unit for an end-of-life or unrepairable product. If you are not sure who your account manager is or do not have their contact information, please contact sales@trentonsystems.com in order to proceed with requesting a quote. 
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