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Rugged NVMe Storage Solutions

High-capacity, scalable, SWaP-C optimized rugged NVMe storage solutions that can be configured to meet the complex demands of evolving applications and programs. 

*Available in 1U-3U height with high core count CPUs, high-end GPUs and accelerator cards, and PCIe 4.0/5.0 interfaces. GPGPU-accelerated RAID also available.

Rugged NVMe Storage Solutions
NVMe Storage Front
NVMe Storage Rear
NVMe Storage Removed

Lightning-Fast and Scalable Storage at Your Fingertips

Our Rugged NVMe Storage Solutions deliver rapid read/write speeds and can be equipped with advanced encryption measures to guard large amounts of sensitive info when and where it matters most. 

Maximum Storage

High-speed, front-removable NVMe Gen4/5 SSDs to record massive amounts of mission-critical data at the edge.

Network Attached Storage

High-speed Ethernet to receive and transfer data files over a network to connected users and devices in real-time.

Easily Configurable

Available in three magazine or individual drive architecture, both of which are easily configurable to reduce downtime.

*CSfC-compliant, NIAP-listed, FIPS 140-2 certified solutions available upon request. 

Application Agnostic

Solution Features

Our TAA-compliant Rugged NVMe Storage Solutions are available as a standard or custom design to fit your most complex technical, performance, and environmental requirements.

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