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Trusted and Transparent

Secure Supply Chain for Maximum System Integrity

Visible Chain of Custody

We thoroughly vet and track each component from conception to EOL offering full supply chain transparency.

Risk Mitigation

We proactively identify and mitigate risks throughout our supply chain, including counterfeit components. 

Lifecycle Management

Industry-leading product lifecycle to maintain consistency of your solution for decades to come.

Crafting Trust, Step-by-Step

Trenton Systems' Secure Supply Chain Process

Ensuring Integrity from Component to Completion

Supplier Qualification & Component Authentication

We carefully vet and qualify suppliers to ensure that every component sourced for our solutions meets our stringent security and quality standards. 

Upon receipt of components, we conduct thorough authentication and verification to detect and mitigate counterfeit or tampered components. 

Supply Chain Visibility & Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

From component acquisition to final delivery, customers can trace the design, manufacture, and assembly of their solutions, ensuring transparency and accountability at every stage.

We implement strict revision control to ensure no changes are made to a system's configuration without customer approval and issue prompt end-of-life notices when parts are going obsolete.

We make upgrades to individual components if and when necessary. Each change is throughly documented and tracked to ensure you get the same configuration each and every time. 

Extended Lifecycle

Incremental improvements and replacements of individual components rather than replacing the entire board allow for an average 11 year lifecycle. This, in turn, helps reduce total cost of ownership over time.

Ensuring Excellence at Every Stage

Quality Assurance: Our Commitment to Excellence

Supplier Surveys

We periodically survey suppliers to assess and monitor their operations to improve supply chain integrity.

Counterfeit Parts Prevention

We detect, identify, document, destroy, and replace all counterfeit parts to maintain operational integrity.

Continuous Improvement

We're dedicated to enhancing our products and processes through feedback and data-driven insights.

Trusted Computing Innovator

Cutting-Edge Computing Solutions, Fully Vetted, Tracked, and Traced