Government And Defense

Supporting Mission Critical Applications

From monitoring and analyzing data, voice and video feeds, to receiving and storing sensitive satellite, radar and telemetry data, Trenton understands the requirements of mission critical government and defense applications, and will continue to design and manufacture products that provide superior performance and reliability, even when deployed in harsh environments.

Designed For Challenging Environments

Trenton’s family of military computers are ideal for airborne, shipboard, undersea and ground vehicle deployment, and in command and control centers. These systems are designed to address shock & vibration, as well as thermal and electromagnetic interference issues, using short-depth aluminum chassis to satisfy size, weight & power (SWaP) considerations.

Trenton incorporates a systems engineering approach to all aspects of  product development, from mechanical design to electronic design and system BIOS control.  Using our extensive in-house engineering capability we’re able to create solutions for demanding applications such as ground control stations, manned aerial surveillance, cryptography, and target tracking.

UAV Submarine Aircraft Carrier Ground Vehicle

Government and Defense Applications

As a member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, Trenton Systems has the engineering and system development expertise to provide faster time-to-market designs. Beyond providing a full line of COTS solutions, every standard product can be modified to create a customer-driven solution that addresses your specific computing requirements.