Test & Measurement

Monitoring Diverse Data Sources

Test & measurement developed inside scientific labs and out on the factory floor, collecting, validating and analyzing data from probes and sensors designed to measure temperature, pressure, speed, flow, strain, vibration, humidity & torque. More recently such inputs might come from environmental monitoring systems, signals intelligence analysis servers, and power grid inspection platforms.

Application-Ready Solutions

The combination of electronic design and mechanical design expertise provides us with the ability to engineer reliable sub-system components, such as Trenton’s JXT6966 single board computer, which is in theĀ TRC4008 4U rackmount computer, an ideal application-ready platform for test & measurement applications.

Milling Co-Generation Coating Test Equipment

Test & Measurement Applications

Whenever analog, digital or wireless signals require detection, collection and analysis, Trenton products can be configured to meet the specific needs of your test & measurement application. Combining single board computers with backplanes and rugged rackmount enclosures, an integrated system can accommodate PCI Express, PCI-X, PCI and ISA I/O cards connected to strain-gages, recorders, dataloggers, signal conditioners, transducers or