Virtualization Improves Data Center Efficiency

By decoupling computing workloads from the underlying hardware virtualization can dramatically improve server & system I/O efficiency, in some cases by as much as four to five times. Using multi-processor and multi-core single board computers Trenton designs virtualized solutions.

Creating a High-Performance Virtual Machine

The latest series Intel® processors feature up to 8 cores with the ability to extend this to 16 execution threads using Intel® Hyper-Threading.  In the case of Trenton’s TRC500 rackmount computer, up to 4 single board computers can be installed by using a four-segment PCI Express backplane, enabling up to 64 physical plus 64 virtual cores to operate in a highly-virtualized, extremely secure fashion, even across multi domains.

Servers Designed for Virtualized Applications

Across multiple industries as diverse as government & defense, video processing and communications, our systems engineering approach to designing, manufacturing and integration ensures the reliability and integrity of every customer-driven solution.

Virtualization Storage Cloud Computing Processor

Virtualization Applications

Processor capabilities such as those found with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) and Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) are key elements of Trenton computing platforms that incorporate virtualization in the overall design of High Assurance Platforms (HAPs).