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Industry Applications.

High Performance Computing Across Various Industries

Government & Defense.

Demanding government & defense applications require our long-life, high-performance computers designed for deployment in airborne, shipboard, ground vehicle and command center applications.

From monitoring and analyzing data, voice and video feeds, to receiving and storing sensitive satellite, radar and telemetry data, Trenton understands the requirements of mission critical government and defense applications, and will continue to design and manufacture products that provide superior performance and reliability, even when deployed in harsh environments.

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Communications technologies & services have advanced quickly thanks to IP-based network architectures that allow the rapid movement and storage of signals & data streams using long-life, application-ready, rugged computing solutions offered by Trenton Systems.

System design flexibility is key when dealing with satellite, shipboard, airborne, mobile and land-based communication infrastructures, which is why Trenton has always employed a systems engineering approach to designing single board computers, PCIe backplanes & embedded motherboards

Test & Measurement.

Test & measurement includes applications that collect, validate and analyze data from probes and sensors designed to measure such parameters as temperature, pressure, speed, flow, strain, vibration, humidity & torque.

The combination of electronic design and mechanical design expertise provides us with the ability to engineer reliable sub-system components and ideal application-ready platform for test & measurement applications.

Trenton System products can be configured to meet the specific needs of your test & measurement application. Combining single board computers with backplanes and rugged rackmount enclosures, an integrated system can accommodate PCI Express, PCI-X, PCI and ISA I/O cards connected to strain-gages, recorders, dataloggers, signal conditioners,  or transducers.

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Able To Combat The Harshest Environments

Rugged Chassis
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Industrial Automation.

Every industry depends on automation to achieve quality, reliability and productivity objectives. From the manufacture of automobiles or semiconductors to the extraction and processing of natural resources, resilient industrial automation systems have progressed far beyond older Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) / Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to include computing platforms based on the latest Intel® Xeon® processors.

With a full line of hardware solutions, from single board computers, PCI Express backplanes, embedded motherboards and rugged computer systems, Trenton remains a leader in creating long-life solutions which address the demanding needs of industrial automation environments.

GPU Computing.

The origin of high-performance computing (HPC) was based on clustering multiple CPUs, and more recently, clustering scores of multi-core CPUs to achieve higher levels of computational power. The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), and the recent advent of GPU computing, have created a quantum shift in computing architecture by introducing a hybrid model whereby GPU I/O cards now work in conjunction with CPUs.

Utilizing the latest Intel® multi-core CPUs and PCI Express 2.0/3.0 technology, Trenton servers are ideal for building GPU computing solutions based on NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPU 20-series processors and the CUDA™ parallel computing architecture.



Utilizing the latest long-life Intel® processors, Trenton Systems single board computers form the basis of our rugged computers, modular computers, and military computers that are designed for high-efficiency virtualization.

Processor capabilities such as those found with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) and Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) are key elements of Trenton Systems computing platforms that incorporate virtualization in the overall design of High Assurance Platforms (HAPs).

By decoupling computing workloads from the underlying hardware virtualization can dramatically improve server & system I/O efficiency.

The Latest Intel® Xeon® & Core™ CPUs

Single Board Computers


Advances in medical imaging technology continue to improve both image quality and rendering speed as multi-core processor innovations supply increased processing power while reducing cost & size. Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Medicine Imaging (NMI) and Cardiovascular X-ray represent applications which increasingly rely on advances in high performance computing and image processing.

To meet the needs of the medical industry, Trenton designs products with longevity and reliability in mind, using processors with 7 year availability and offering a 5 year factory warranty on single board computers, backplanes & embedded motherboards. Using Intel multi-core processors in conjunction with PCI Express 2.0 bus technology, such platforms can easily satisfy high-bandwidth medical applications.

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Video Processing.

The proliferation of video-related applications, and thus the volume of video feeds to be processed, has increased dramatically in recent years.  From government and domestic surveillance operations to the military’s dependence on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), machine vision inspection systems and medical image processing, the ability to capture, process and deliver continuous streams of video data depends on the performance and reliability of advanced computer systems.

Designing video processing solutions takes a systems engineering approach to avoid component compatibility issues.

Advanced backplane technology and single board computers from Trenton Systems, combined with high performance video processing cards from suppliers such as Matrox and NVIDIA, can be configured to handle the most intensive video processing applications.


Advanced computing technology is increasingly called upon to enhance energy production, speed exploration, and control grid transmission costs. Such high-performance industrial-grade solutions often rely on a combination of CPU & GPU power built with long-life single board computers and a PCI Express backplane.

Trenton Systems’ partnership with Matrox Graphics has created a family of Matrox-validated video wall controller switch are perfect for driving video display walls found in energy management centers.

Trenton Systems also addresses the needs of the energy market with embedded motherboards, single board computers and backplanes, built for deployment in harsh environments. Beyond a full range of standard products, Trenton Systems excels at creating customer-driven solutions configured to your exact specifications.

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Standard products for diverse applications.

rugged computer electrical design

Electrical Design

Processor board designs with the latest Xeon and Core series Intel CPUs.
industrial computers intel partnership

Intel Partnership

As a charter member of Intel's partner program Trenton has technical and design support directly from Intel.
military computers mechanical design

Mechanical Design

Rugged, industrial, lightweight chassis design from 1U to 6U.
rackmount computers engineering partnership

Engineering Partnership

Work directly with Trenton's engineers to design and validate your product. Our engineers are your engineers.
rugged military computers software design

Software Design

Customize your BIOS, system management (IPMI), remote monitoring, and fan control.
modular blade computers integration services

Integration Services

Let Trenton install, test, and support your PCIe cards, software, and operating system.