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Industrial Servers Built for Efficiency and Productivity

Ruggedized | Xeon® Scalable Processors | Up to 18 PCIe Slots

Supporting Industries Around the World

Our high-performance 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 5U industrial computer systems are engineered to perform seamlessly and efficiently in a variety of industrial environments.

Sporting in-house ruggedization to DO-160, MIL-STD-810, and other leading standards, up to 18 PCIe slots, custom BIOSes, the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and plenty of DIMM slots, Trenton Systems' industrial servers and workstations are built to endure, perform, and expand when it matters most.

Whether your focus is industrial automation, medicine, transportation, oil and gas, aerospace, aviation, telecommunications or defense, you name it, our stress-tested industrial computers are the powerhouses your applications can depend on. 

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Trenton Systems 5U Rugged Industrial Server

Reliable Industrial Servers Configured for Real-Time Computing Applications

Trenton Systems is proud to support the industries that matter with its made-in-USA, industrial-grade rugged servers.

Whether they're situated in a 19-inch server rack, powering industrial processes on the manufacturing floor, or supporting an embedded computing application, our industrial computer systems go above and beyond so you can focus on your goals.

Speed, efficiency, quality, and productivity are at the forefront of industrial and organizational success, no matter the severity of the environment.

That's why we ruggedize each of our rack mount computers using a series of system and environmental stress tests, performed by our talented in-house test engineers and local compliance testing laboratories.

We're able to stress out the CPUs, memory, and test for humidity, temperature, vibration, mechanical shock, and more. Compliance certifications include but are not limited to DO-160, UL, CE, FCC, MIL-STD-810, and MIL-STD-461.

E-mail or Call Trenton Systems to discuss your needs with us today.

We'll guide you through the configuration process and help you build an industrial computer system capable of achieving your quality and productivity goals.


Design Yours

Ruggedized, Reliable & Efficient

Stress-tested for extreme environments, built for the most resource-intensive industrial computing applications and sporting dual Intel®  Xeon® Scalable processors, our industrial servers and industrial workstations are built to endure and perform seamlessly for 11 years or longer.

Born & Built in the USA

Not all rugged computer manufacturers can say the same. By designing, manufacturing and supporting our products in the USA, we're able to work closely with manufacturers and clients on program and application requirements, provide jobs in our community, and achieve unparalleled support and response times.

Complementary & Expandable

We're your all-in-one rugged server manufacturer. You can easily complement your system with high-speed PCIe expansion and high-capacity data storage capabilities using our 18-slot PCIe backplanes and NVMe JBOD storage enclosures.

Ready for Industrial Automation

IoT industrial automation is the future. Our rugged computers can enhance operations and solve systemic problems by supporting the resource-intensive applications that power your business, factory or warehouse.

COTS or Customized

Configurable servers that meet your industrial computing needs

Industrial machinery

Truly Unmatched Longevity

Our competitors average 3-7 years before their products reach end-of-life. Trenton Systems' nearly 15-year life cycle helps industries significantly reduce risk, total cost of ownership, and technical headaches. That way, you can get back to focusing on your quality and productivity goals.

Made for the Manufacturing Floor

That's right. Our high-performance industrial computers support robotics, manufacturing, production and other industrial computing processes, boosting productivity and improving efficiency in real time.

5-Year Warranty, Limited Lifetime Support and Loaner Option

We won't leave you hanging after your industrial computer leaves our facility. Our 5-year warranty and in-house support team offer you an abundance of follow-up solutions.

And if you're not quite ready to commit just yet, we'll let you try our products free for 45 days through our Loaner Program.

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