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Compute dense Blade Servers.

Redundant & removable processor boards in a 1U or 2U rugged blade server

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Intel Gold 6100 Xeon CPUs MSL8256.

The latest Intel Silver/Gold Xeon CPUs with 1TB DDR4-2666, ECC memory

Tech SpecsMSL8256 Product Page

4 processor blades in a 2U MBS2000.

Up to 4 separate single board computers (Xeon or Core) in a 2U, 19" depth chassis.

Tech SpecsMBS2000 Product Page

Modular Blade Servers Designed for Compute Power in a small Form Factor

Trenton's Modular Blade Servers (MBS) are ideal for size-constrained, high-end compute applications. Extremely rugged, yet lightweight, the MBS product line is designed here in Lawrenceville, GA, USA and can be configured to meet your unique system requirements.

Here are a few of your chassis options:

  • MBS1001 - 1U blade server, 19" depth, 2 separate processor boards (Xeon or Core)
  • MBS1002 - 1U blade server, 19" depth, 1 processor blade and 2 PCIe gen 3 slots
  • MBS2000 - 2U blade server, 19" depth, up to 4 separate processor blades
  • MBS2001 - 2U blade server, 25.75" depth, up to 4 processor blades and 8 - 2.5" HDD
Simply stated, Trenton's combination of modular processing power, RAM, and I/O in such a small physical space is truly unique in the industry.

Trenton Systems not only controls the processor board and rugged server design, but there are also a wide array of CPU, memory, PCIe Gen3, and hard drive options. Talk with one of our sales engineers or set up a meeting directly with a computer design engineer to discuss your computer requirements.

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Compute density

Unrivaled in the industry - the size, weight, and processing power are truly unique.



Whether repairing or upgrading, the Modular Blade product line has the fastest Mean Time to Repair.


Reduce rack height

Up to 4 dual Xeon processor boards in a 2U, 19" depth blade server.

MBS2000 Rear

processor blades

Xeon or Core processor options on each blade with up to 1TB of RAM per blade.


PCIe Gen 3

Full-length, full-height PCI Express gen 3 options.


1200W P/S

Redundant or fixed 1200W power supply will exceed almost any need.

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Minimize MTTR ...

Trenton Systems' Modular Blade Server Processor Boards are engineered so that the mean time to repair (MTTR) is kept to an absolute minimum.  The quick swap processor modules allow for a technician to change modules in just seconds, keeping your application running more efficiently.

When it's time to upgrade your technology, the Modular Blade Servers allow for easy upgradability and scability in no time.  Switching processing blades for either development or production environments is simplified by leaving the main chassis hardware in place.

Talk to one of our Engineers today and take advantage of the Modular Blade Servers by Trenton Systems.

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