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Maximum storage, processing, and ruggedization designed in a SWaP-optimized rack server to accelerate and sustain ever-evolving edge compute applications. 


The perfect mission-critical solution for your high-end compute requirements

MIL-STD-461G-certified supporting front-removable SSDs and double-wide NVIDIA GPUs, the 3U BAM XRS meets the most demanding technical, performance, and environmental specifications. 
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Maximize storage capacity with up to 8 high-speed SSDs

Increase read/write speeds, reduce latency, and limit I/O overhead with a mixture of NVMe, SAS, and SATA drives, ensuring reliability and durability at the edge. 
3U BAM XRS Drives

Supports multiple NVIDIA A100 GPUs to accelerate AI/ML/DL workloads 

Next-gen GPUs enhance inferencing and data analytics to deliver actionable insights and help you stay vigilant of emerging enemy threats. 

Designed to meet MIL-STD-461G

With extra depth and an EMI-filtered power supply, reduce electromagnetic interference to avoid damaging critical components and interference with existing infrastructure. 

A custom, TAA-compliant solution

Designed to your most complex specs, the 3U BAM XRS enhances applications across the sea, land, air, space, and cyber domains.
Testing and Simulation


Collect, analyze, and record data from a moving device, whether airborne or ground-based, in real-time.


Gain actionable insights to enhance situational awareness and decision making capabilities. 

Testing & Simulation

Test and optimize defense measures to provide an accurate image of real-life scenarios and outcomes. 

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