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BAM Servers

BAM Servers

Configurable, high-density, 2U and 3U rugged rack servers with the latest in high-performance computing technologies to optimize performance, security, and scalability alongside ever-evolving workloads.

Workload Acceleration

Workload Acceleration

 Perform multiple critical tasks while adapting to increasingly demanding environments with high core count CPUs, virtual machines, and containers.

Enhanced AIMLDL

Enhanced AI/ML/DL

Enhance inferencing, parallel processing, and visualization to deliver actionable insights in real-time with single- or double-wide multi-instance GPUs.

Maximum Storage

Maximum Storage

Quickly store and retrieve massive amounts of critical data while thwarting advanced cyberattacks with high-capacity, secure SSDs.
BAM Servers

High-performance meets rugged design 

Equipped with the latest in high-performance computing technologies, our BAM servers securely deliver actionable intelligence in seconds to increase situational awareness, reduce response times, and enhance decision-making.
 3rd Gen Xeon SP CPU Servers Product Brief   4th Gen Xeon SP CPU Servers Product Brief

2U Rack Servers

Customized per your most complex technical, performance, and environmental specifications for a variety of edge, field, cloud, network, and data center deployments.

3U Rack Servers

Next-gen processing, AI/ML/DL, networking, security, and storage technologies inside a compact enclosure to maximize flexibility and scalability for critical applications and services. 


High-end analytical capabilities provide real-time threat assessments to commanders, enhancing awareness and reducing response times.


Advanced processing power and software-based technologies increase network scalability and resource utilization to improve cost-effectiveness and reliability.


Lightning fast data storage/retrieval enables real-time tracking information for a fleet to improve route optimization and delivery times.

 3rd or 4th Gen 
Intel® Xeon® SP CPUs

for enhanced compute and connectivity speeds.

Half-height or FHFL 
PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 slots

for reduced latency and support for multiple options cards. 

2U or 3U form factor 
at 20-24" depth

to maximize compute density while adhering to space constraints.

FIPS 140-2/3 SSDs

to securely read/write lots of data-at-rest, in-transit, and in-use.


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