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Navy Carrier


Rugged Rack Server

A made-in-USA, SWaP-optimized rack server for
security-conscious military and aerospace applications.

2U BAM Server

Truly made in America.

Designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, and supported with next-gen technologies in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Rapid data transfer for multi-domain strategy

The 2U BAM's 10 switchless PCIe Gen 4 slots, next-gen CPUs, and memory are optimized for platforms running data-intensive applications that depend on real-time strategic insights.

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Securely acquire, transmit, store, and share sensitive data with military-grade encryption algorithms certified to FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria that meet NIAP and NSA CSfC standards.


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Staying vigilant to counter rising cyber threats

Employing multi-layer hardware, firmware, and software security technologies developed with our friends at Intel, Wind River, and CDSG to provide secure, real-time decision-making capabilities well ahead of a crisis.


Flawless edge computing

Supports high-performance embedded computing applications in harsh environments rife with temperature and humidity fluctuations, shock, and vibration.

Distributed edge computing and signals intelligence for C6ISR, EW, situational awareness, and targeting applications on land, sea, air, and space platforms.

Aerospace & Defense

Extending energy-efficient, high-performance NVIDIA GPGPUs onto military and aerospace computing platforms.

Aerospace & Defense

Commercial and military ground-based platforms requiring ITAR compliance with certifications to military standards, including DO-160, MIL-STD-810, and more.

Government & Defense

BAM! Say goodbye to unreliability forever.

Unmatched five-year warranty. Longest computer life cycle. Protected supply chain.

Dependability defined.

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