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A TAA-compliant, zero trust architected, small form factor rugged mini PC designed in a SWaP-C optimized enclosure to enhance performance across the defense and enterprise sectors.

ION Mini PC Angle

A Mini PC With Lots of Capabilities

With increased memory, self-encrypting drives, and Intel® CPUs, the ION Mini PC equips the modern warfighter with enhanced compute, storage, and flexibility needed to run evolving applications with ease.
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Enhanced memory and storage capacity 

SATA SSD drives and 32GB of DDR4 memory allow you to quickly store and retrieve large amounts of critical intelligence needed to stay vigilant of enemy threats with minimal risk of hacker intrusion. 
ION Mini PC Rear

Need something fanless and sealed?

Our TAC SFF Mission Computers have just what you're looking for.

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Supports Intel® Core i3, i5, and i7 CPUs 

High core count processors with Intel® Virtualization Technology allow you to run multiple accelerated virtual workloads on the Mini PC, maximizing compute density and reducing total cost of ownership.
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Intel® Inside


Optane Memory 

Reduce lag time with personalized, responsive, and accelerated computing that keeps often-used applications and documents ready for quick access.


Turbo Boost

Alternate between low and high CPU clock speeds based on workload requirements, maximizing adaptability while staying within temperature and power limits.



Enhanced performance, cybersecurity, remote management, and much more to minimize disruption, reduce costs, and thwart sophisticated cyberattacks. 
Server-class features

Server-class features

Server-class operations such as IPMI allow you to maximize operational efficiency while reducing compute footprint. 

Customized to your specs

Customized to your specs

Designed in consultation with our sales, product, and engineering teams to meet your most complex technical, performance, and environmental specifications.


Just tell us what you need.

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