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JBOD Storage Arrays

NVMe JBOD Storage Arrays

High-capacity, self-encrypting drives inside a secure, rugged storage enclosure that satisfies the advanced storage demands of complex, evolving workloads. 

JBOD Side Angle

Maximum Storage Capacity at Your Fingertips

Our JBOD Storage Arrays hold up to 24 high-speed, front-removable NVMe self-encrypting drives with full redundancy for maximum protection of critical data-at-rest, in-transit, and in-use.
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Lightning Fast Read-Write Speeds

Each drive runs independently with a read/write speed of 27.2 GB/s, storing and retrieving massive amounts of actionable intelligence in seconds for critical applications, networks, and services.
JBOD Drives Out

Also available in 5U height

Store up to 48 SATA SSDs alongside 18 PCIe Gen 3 slots for expanded I/O 

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Easily Configurable

Available in either three magazine (eight drives per magazine) or individual drive architecture, both of which are quickly and easily removable to reduce mean time to replace.

Unmatched Performance and Adaptability

Lots of Slots

Native End-To-End PCIe

Two PCIe Gen 3 cables allow direct connection between the CPU on the host system(s) and each drive to reduce latency, and each drive has a dedicated PCIe Gen 3 link. 


Processor Board Agnostic

Use up to two processor boards of your choice to enhance your system's flexibility in response to ever-changing application or program needs.


Fully System Control

A GbE management port allows you to connect straight to the BMC for complete system monitoring and control.
Supply Chain

Supply chain risk management

Our systems utilize components obtained only from an approved vendor list (AVL). We implement a counterfeit parts protection program to detect, identify, document, remove, and destroy components that can compromise a system's integrity.

Customized to your specs

Customized to your specs

Designed in consultation with our sales, product, and engineering teams to meet your most complex technical, performance, and environmental specifications.


Just tell us what you need.

Reach out to us anytime with questions on features, pricing, and availability.
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