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JBOD Storage Arrays

PCIe Expansion Systems

High-power, secure, configurable expansion chassis utilizing a card and cable architecture to supply additional PCIe Gen 3 slots to a host system and deliver expanded I/O capabilities alongside evolving workloads.

PCIe Expansion

Lots of Slots 

Incorporate up to 18 PCIe Gen 3 slots that can host a wide range of option cards to scale your system and meet your most complex application or program demands. 
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System Design Flexibility

Host card connects to any system with a x16 slot, and option cards can be easily added or removed without modifying or removing existing components.
PCIe Gen3 Expansion Cable

Available in 4U and 5U height

Store up to 48 SATA SSDs to quickly read/write massive amounts of data

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Performance Optimization

Tasks are offloaded from the host system to dedicated option cards within the target system (expansion chassis) to reduce congestion, latency, and resource contention. 
PCIe Gen3 Expansion Chassis

Unmatched Performance and Adaptability


Enhanced Bidirectional Throughput

x16 expansion cable supports 8GT/s (32GB/s) of total bi-directional throughput.

PCIe Cables

Choose Your Cable Lenghts

Choose from 1 or 3 meter cables which carry x4 signals from host to target with ease.


Remote Management Available

Designated RJ-45 1GbE port for remote management and control of your target system.
Supply Chain

Supply chain risk management

Our systems utilize components obtained only from an approved vendor list (AVL). We implement a counterfeit parts protection program to detect, identify, document, remove, and destroy components that can compromise a system's integrity.

Customized to your specs

Customized to your specs

Designed in consultation with our sales, product, and engineering teams to meet your most complex technical, performance, and environmental specifications.


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