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NVMe JBOD Enclosures

Maximum All-Flash Storage Capacity

Throughput Amplified

Screaming at 27.2 GB/s read & write speeds, our NVMe JBOD Enclosures offer faster and higher storage capacities with full redundancy while operating at higher temperatures without throttling!

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Quick & Easy Pricing in Minutes.

The All-Flash JBOD array comes in two flavors:

  • 24EVO: 24 individually-removable drives, OR
  • 3MAG: Three magazines that allow you to remove eight drives at once

We can build your storage array with or without NVMe SSDs, and the drive capacity is completely up to you - or we can recommend specific drives based on your application's requirements.

Next, tell us how many JBOD enclosures your project/program requires and any other important information that you think will help us send back an accurate quote.

In short, we can configure and build the NVMe JBOD Enclosures any way you want. Our team of in-house Engineers is also available to help you tackle parity concerns with your existing systems.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we'll be happy to whiteboard solutions with you to ensure that you're getting the right product for the job.

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Processor Board Agnostic

Connect one or two host systems to our JBOD Enclosures. After all, we've learned long ago that sharing is caring.

24 Fast & Reliable SSDs

Exceptional performance using the latest U.2 NVMe drives to tackle even the most demanding storage needs.

27.2 GBs every Second. Crazy Fast!

Each NVMe drive transfers 27.2 GBs of data each second from CPU to drive and back. That's lightning fast!

Native end-to-end PCIe 

No adapters or switches to slow things down. Much faster than your traditional JBOD Enclosures.

In-Depth Whitepaper

Learn how our JBOD Enclosures works for you.


Truly Made in the USA

From the internal board to the case - designed, manufactured, assembled, and supported in the United States.

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5-Year Warranty & Lifetime Support

Our JBOD Enclosures come with a standard 5-year warranty and lifetime support.

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Get One For Free

You read that right. Our Loaner Program lets you put our all-flash storage array to the test free for 45-days.

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