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Rugged JBOD Enclosure

24 Fast & Reliable NVMe SSDs

Up to 27GB/s Read & Write Speeds!

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to all drives simultaneously


Local Storage


Chassis Depth

Certified to

Trenton Rugged™ Standards

24 NVMe SSDs

Exceptional performance with the latest NVMe SSDs in a U.2 form factor which offers a higher maximum storage capacity with full redundancy & operates at higher temperatures without throttling!

Recommended Drives: Intel® P4510 Series

24 U.2 NVMe SSDs JBOD Server

Native end-to-end PCIe 

No adapters or switches that convert signals means reduced latency. Much faster than your traditional SATA/SAS drives!

Native end-to-end PCIe 2

Lightning Fast

Effective bandwidth of this system is 27GB/s. That is, 24 separate NVMe drives all running independent of each other, each with their own native PCIe paths to the CPUs. Crazy, super, fast!

Lightning Fast NVMe SSD Drives

Processor Board Agnostic

You can use any processor board of your choice. Actually, you can use up to two of them with our JBOD solution.

Very flexible, interchangeable, and ready for your most demanding applications.

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Processor Board Agnostic

You're in control.

A GbE management port allows you to connect straight to the BMC for system monitoring and control which connects to the integrated baseband controller.

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JBOD You're in control

No Tools Required

Remove drives individually or in groups of eight SSDs at once with our innovative magazine design. Fastest MTTR (mean time to replace) using your bare hands.

No Tools Required

Three by Eight

If you need to remove drives as fast as possible, we've got you covered. Replace up to 8 SSDs at the same time with the innovative 3 magazine design.

JBOD No Tools Required

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Components & Downloads

Rugged Chassis Power Supply Drives Size (W x H x D)
RSC2403 900W Removable 24 U.2 NVMe SSDs which are removable via 3 magazines that hold 8 drives each.
Recommended Drives: Intel P4510 SSDs
19" x 3.5" x 16.2"
48.3 cm x 8.9 cm x 41.2 cm
900W Removable 24 U.2 NVMe SSDs; individually removable
Recommended Drives: Intel P4510 SSDs
19" x 3.5" x 16.2"
48.3 cm x 8.9 cm x 41.2 cm

PCIe Expansion Kit Description
PED8234 If you need more PCIe slots, this is the kit for you! Add up to 18 PCIe slots per x16 slot in any system.

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