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Customer Success Stories

Case Studies

See how companies are successfully managing industry challenges with Trenton Systems' high-performance computers.

Two students in a university robotics lab

4U Server Powers Scientific Research at Major University

A public research university needed a high-performance computer to create experimental controls, which are used in scientific research to minimize the influence of extraneous variables on dependent variables.

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This is a photo of a well-known ISR aircraft.

Secure Edge Server with 2.3 Petabytes of NVMe Storage Ready for ISR Aircraft

A major defense contractor needed a secure edge server paired with compatible JBOD enclosures capable of managing 2.3 petabytes of data from an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft.

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pelican case opt

Rugged Mini PC the Driving Force Behind Mobile Data Acquisition (DAQ) Systems

Learn more about how Trenton Systems helped a customer secure small-form-factor rugged computers for their mobile data acquisition systems.

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A military UAV flying over sunlit clouds

Rugged Servers for Military UAVs: Powering Sensor Control & Analysis

A major manufacturer of military remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) needed 3U rugged servers to power its combat RPA's sensor payload control and analysis software.

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UAVs flying over the desert

Rugged Servers for Military UAVs: Powering an Automated Missile Tracking System

Learn more about Trenton's support for a drone's automated missile tracking system in this case study.

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battlefield opt

Rugged Storage Servers for Electronic Warfare: Helping an Aircrew Protect the Battlespace

A major military prime working on electronic warfare systems for a U.S. Air Force armed aircraft program turned to Trenton Systems for rugged storage solutions.

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An Amusement Park, a Passion for Family, & Customized Rugged Computers

A customer approached Trenton Systems with a need for customized rugged computer systems to support its major amusement park thrill ride.

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Military Drone Optimized-1

Propeller-Type Aircraft, Reconnaissance Support, & Powerful Rugged Workstations

An international military aerospace customer providing reconnaissance applications to domestic and international air force services approached Trenton Systems for assistance with a propeller-type aircraft program.

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Simulations, Signal Jamming, and Spoofing

Simulations, Signal Jamming, & Spoofing

In this success story, we discuss how a Trenton Systems server assists in signal jamming, spoofing, and simulations for a military prime.

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About - Military - Communications

Reducing Lead Times & RMA Turns Saves Soldiers' Lives

Find out how we've helped a military prime get the computer systems needed to complete an important mission for the armed forces by reducing lead times.

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Military LP Original (1)

Transit Case Surveillance System

The US Military needed a shallow 18” depth chassis for a military computer that could fit a dual Xeon processor board and three (full-height, full-length) PCIe Gen2 slots.

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Single Board Computers Box Background

Big Data Application

Based on several decades of partnership, Intel® trusted Trenton Systems to design the custom, proprietary processor board development.

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$10M Saved

10M Saved by Doubling Lifespan

Several years ago the Department of Defense (#DoD) required a transition to Microsoft Windows 10 for sophisticated security features as well as improved hardware encryption control via TPM 2.0.

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Legacy Computing Platform

Updating a Legacy Military Computing Platform

A military prime came to us asking to design an entirely new, updated computer system that supports test stations for a massive Weapons System.

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