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Propeller-Type Aircraft, Reconnaissance, and Rugged Workstations

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About the Project

An international military aerospace customer providing reconnaissance applications to domestic and international air force services approached Trenton Systems for assistance with a propeller-type aircraft program.


The Problem

To support the aircraft’s various intelligence-collecting activities, an enclosure with rugged 4U Mil-Spec workstations was needed. Given their eventual use on board an aircraft, the workstations needed to be capable of resisting potential shock and vibration damage in flight.

According to the United States Department of Defense’s MIL-STD-810H, shock testing provides a degree of confidence that equipment can physically and functionally withstand the shocks encountered in handling, transportation and service environments.

Vibration testing, on the other hand, ensures that equipment is capable of enduring intense juddering and turbulence throughout its life cycle, from the manufacturing facility, all the way to transport and operation.

To support the application, Trenton Systems proposed a dual segment system with two 4000 Series Rugged Workstations, customized mechanical design and MIL-STD-38999 connectors for rugged cable connectivity.

The Goal

  • Support the aircraft’s computational needs
  • Ensure ruggedization of the dual segment’s workstations and connectors with MIL-STD-810H testing and MIL-STD-38999-compliant connectors
  • Provide 10-plus years of system follow-up support per the customer’s request

The Challenge

Using an unknown industry supplier or unproven hardware poses an extreme risk to the success of reconnaissance-related applications.

Trenton Systems, renowned for its truly rugged, secure, made-in-the-USA computer systems, must also bear in mind this risk. A poorly designed or inadequately stress-tested rugged workstation is at a high risk of failure in the field. System failure could jeopardize, or altogether compromise, a high-stakes reconnaissance initiative.

Fortunately, Trenton Systems doesn’t deal in shoddiness or inadequacy.

The Result

Trenton Systems was able to provide the customer with a dual segment system containing two TMS4711 rugged workstations, certified to the DoD’s MIL-STD-810H and equipped with MIL-STD-38999-certified connectors.

These durable 4U systems can combat extreme shock, vibration and temperature fluctuations with ease.

These systems are also equipped with a TKL8255 processor board, customer’s choice of a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i3, i5, i7 or Intel® Xeon® E3 v6 processor. A force to be reckoned with, the TKL8255 is designed to tackle a wide range of demanding industrial and embedded applications and computing challenges.

Trenton Systems’ track record of longevity support for its powerful, rugged, USA-made systems was a major factor in the customer’s decision to choose, and trust, Team Trenton.

As a result, Trenton Systems has been asked to support the aircraft’s TMS4711 workstations for years to come.

*Due to strict non-disclosure agreements in place, we are prohibited from mentioning company and/or project names.

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