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Simulations, Signal Jamming, and Spoofing

Digital Camo

Navigation Warfare

A Defense & Security company is developing a simulator engine to support the armed forces with NAVWAR testing in mind. This model simultaneously simulates multiple constellations including: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS. They need customized high-performing hardware to support their innovative software engine.

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The Problem

The ruggedized chassis must abide to their standards including: color, shape, size, and branding. The internal components have to work with their solution and must be validated to their exact spec.

Many computer manufacturers cannot provide such a custom solution since the board manufacturing is done offshore.

The Goal

  • Configure requirements to validate with their software or end-application
  • Reduce noise of the system
  • Provide a customized chassis that is branded to the company with their specific hex color code and logo

The Challenge

It's quite difficult to pull off an exact match in color for the exterior of the chassis. Even though you may have a hex code, the shade, depending on how it was sprayed on, may still look a little different.

The other problem is to validate the system to their end-application. This is tedious work that requires the Engineering Team on both sides of the fence to work closely together to ensure proper functionality.

The Result

We worked with the client to reduce noise of the system by getting them a perfect mix of dB & CFM, later we ensured that the chassis we were providing them perfectly matched their custom paint & logo scheme of the system that our server would be paired with even though it was from a completely different vendor.

Eventually, we were asked to combine the requirements of both systems into a singular unit and customize that product accordingly.

We have been asked to support a few of this company’s amazing products along the way – we even helped wire & label an anechoic chamber application when on-site for a customer visit with them.

*Due to strict non-disclosure agreements in place, we are prohibited from mentioning company and/or project names.

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