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Rugged Military Computers

COTS & SWaP Optimized Surveillance Computer in a Transit Case

About the project

The US Military needs a shallow 18” depth chassis for a military computer that could fit a dual Xeon® processor board and three (full-height, full-length) PCIe Gen2 slots.

Military Computers Box

The Problem

This computer system had to be more rugged than typical computers: no plastic components, extra air filtration, a method for securing option cards, etc.) since it would be deployed remotely in a transit case. The computer hardware components had to be available for at least 7 years and the configuration had to be revision controlled in order to prevent reliability and compatibility issues that previous suppliers had been unable to resolve.

Software and application validation was critical, as the system would need to perform exactly as intended every time it was deployed, as it was a front-line unit's primary means of communications with command staff and other military assets in theater.

The Requirements

  • COTS and SWaP - high-end Xeon with 3 PCIe slots in 2U chassis
  • Transit cases with rugged computers forward deployed in the field to interface with telemetry and intelligence assets
  • Requires 7+ year product lifecycle availability
  • Requires 5-year warranty
  • Free evaluation/loaner of computer hardware so end-customer could test their software
  • Rugged application deployed several kilometers from base

The Mission

Trenton Systems designs, builds, validates, integrates and supports many standard building blocks, such as processor boards, PCIe backplanes and rugged chassis in the USA that offer superior system flexibility. These products can be combined in many unique ways to meet COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) Military and Government computing requirements.

Utilizing the latest Intel® CPUs, Trenton Systems embedded computers provide SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) optimized, configurable processing power that those on the front lines can depend on for years of trouble-free operation.


The average processor board at Trenton Systems has an 11-year life cycle, ensuring product availability for many years to come.

"A lightweight, rugged Trenton Systems computer that fits into a standard transit case allows battlefield telemetry, photography, video and voice communications to be easily transmitted to decision makers, allowing them to rapidly assess complex and fluid situations in order to achieve mission objectives and safeguard lives."

Michael Bowling, President
Trenton Systems

The Result

Backed by a standard 5-year warranty and US-based Support Team, Trenton Systems was able to address the primary concerns of the Government Contractor and the End Customer with top of the line products and services.

Military Computer
Customer Service
“John Vu was amazing! He spent a lot of time with us on the phone and never made us feel like we were wasting his time. Unfortunately, we did not resolve our issue, but we did determine that it was not a Trenton Systems issue. Our issue was with the Vendor that supplied us the driver we needed to test our End Item. I would highly recommend Trenton Systems to my coworkers and highlight that the Support is one of the top reasons for using Trenton Systems.”
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