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3PI Servers

TRS10-22 and TRS21-22: 4th and 5th Gen Xeon SP


Compact, scalable, and zero trust architected solutions powered by 4th and 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors to optimize performance for complex, evolving on-premise, cloud, and edge workloads.

1U and 2U Rugged Servers

Performance Enhancements 

Up to 10x

higher PPW

offers greater compute performance at a lower power consumption to limit overhead and optimize resource allocation.

Up to 16%

faster memory speeds

offers quicker access to data, enhancing overall system responsiveness and efficiency for critical applications and networks.

Up to 14x

better AI inferencing 

offers faster decision-making and model refinement, accelerating time-to-insight and enabling more agile responses. 

Technical Highlights

Form Factors
1U - 2U Form Factors
Up to 8x PCIe 5.0 slots via MCIO
32x DIMM Slots
Up to 8x SSDs
Dual Xeon® SP CPUs

AI Workhorse with expanded I/O

PCIe 5.0 slots supporting various option cards including NVIDIA®  high-end Multi-Instance GPUs to run multiple high-speed AI/ML/DL workloads on a single solution.
*Option card combinations are configuration dependent and subject to validation. 

Application Agnostic

Lightning-fast, secure data processing & transfer

Next-gen Intel® CPUs with built-in accelerators and chip-level encryption securely crunch and send out large amounts of data in seconds, maximizing operational efficiency without risk of interference.
*4th and 5th Gen Xeon® SP CPUs serve as drop-in replacements, allowing you to make upgrades with ease.
Rapid Processing and Transfer

Gain actionable insights in real-time

Single- and double-wide GPUs deliver enhanced AI/ML/DL capabilities--including inferencing, parallel processing, and rendering--increasing awareness and reducing response times to greatly improve decision-making.
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