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Technical Capabilities.

We build long-life, customer-driven computing solutions for a broad range of applications & industries.

Systems Engineering.

When designing complex high performance computing solutions, the key to maximizing system performance, reliability, and compatibility is a complete understanding of mechanical enclosure and electronic sub-system interaction.

Trenton Systems' team of electronic, mechanical, and BIOS engineers utilize a concurrent engineering methodology to ensure that system performance, compatibility and reliability are accounted for during the design phase, well before the production cycle begins.

This control over the design and manufacture of board-level sub-systems, including single board computers, PCI Express backplanes and motherboards, provides the foundation for an approach to creating customer-driven computing solutions designed to handle the effects of shock & vibration, as well as thermal and EMI issues.

Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Design.

Structural integrity is a prerequisite for any rugged rackmount system, yet meeting this design requirement can be challenging when trying to meet the conflicting objectives of Size, Weight & Power (SWaP). Thermal characteristics must be understood for each system configuration in order to provide proper cooling under extreme conditions.

Mechanical design for rugged computers operating in harsh environments must take into account many critical factors, including shock, vibration, EMI and thermal characteristics. Trenton engineers have extensive experience in designing enclosures that address the needs of critical applications.

System Integration.

System integration represents the final step in the process of delivering an application-ready computing solution, requiring a thorough understanding of shock & vibration, as well as thermal management issues for placement of all components, cables and fans. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified integration facility focuses on the smallest detail.

  • Ensure proper chassis airflow
  • SBC/SHB hold-down brackets
  • Full system testing and burn-in
  • and much more

Trenton Systems' customer-driven solutions are engineered to deliver quality you can count on.


Able To Combat The Harshest Environments

Rugged Chassis

Electronic Design.

Trenton Systems has focused on electronic design and manufacturing, as well as system integration and system BIOS control, for over thirty-five years.

Our long-life solutions can be found in industries such as government & defense, industrial automation, and video display walls.

In addition to our full line of standard board-level products, we offer custom design capabilities to engineer a customer-driven computing solution that meets exact system specifications, all within Trenton's state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities located in the United States.

High Density Embedded Computing (HDEC).

High Density Embedded Computing or HDEC Series products represent a new class of systems that offer wider bandwidths with lower data latency. HDEC Series system host boards deliver up to 88 lanes of native PCI Express 3.0 interfaces down to a system backplane making these bandwidth and latency improvements possible.

Increasing the number of lanes between an HDEC Series SHB and backplane brings a number of system advantages to a high density embedded computer such as:

  • 5x increase in aggregate system bandwidth
  • Reduced PCIe switch reliance lowers overall system cost
  • Lowers SHB-to-PCIe card data latencies
BIOS Control

System BIOS Control.

Beyond the complexities of designing and manufacturing board-level sub-systems and fully integrated computers, engineering an application-ready computing solution relies on full control of the system BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) in order to achieve proper levels of performance, stability, and functionality.

Common System BIOS Modifications

  • Change Standard Defaults
  • Increase Device Bus Capacity
  • Match Specific IRQs
  • Custom Retry Logic
  • Adding Booting Delays
At Trenton Systems we control the BIOS revision to deliver an unprecedented level of system flexibility and customization capability based upon your exact configuration.


The Latest Intel® Xeon® & Core™ CPUs

Single Board Computers


While many companies have moved their circuit board design and manufacturing offshore, Trenton Systems' single board computers, PCI Express backplanes and embedded motherboards are manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities located within the United States using state-of-the-art assembly and test equipment to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability.

Controling of the manufacturing process provides customers with a "trusted supply chain" that mitigates important issues such as component tampering and counterfeiting. A trusted supply chain also provides continuity, from prototype to production to service and repair.

Trenton PICMG 1.3 SBCs, PCI Express backplanes, and embedded motherboards carry a standard five-year factory warranty.

Custom Design

Custom Design.

The custom design process incorporates all aspects of engineering an application-ready computing solution, from mechanical design to electronic design & system BIOS control considerations.

Combining these engineering considerations with manufacturing and integration expertise, custom designs can avoid the limitations and conflicts present in commercially available computer systems built for general purpose applications.

Your custom solutions become our standard products. In such situations where a customer comes to Trenton Systems with a specific list of configuration requirements, designed to serve a specific application, we determine this system could address the needs of other industries and thus becomes a standard product offering.

Long Life.

In the world of commercial computing, servers coming off the assembly line will typically experience a configuration change every six months with components swapped out and the system BIOS updated as a result.  These systems also experience service lifetimes of just a few years before being completely replaced. That simply isn't good enough for Trenton Systems' customers.

At Trenton Systems we design long-life computer hardware for platform stability, reliability, and longevity. These factors controbute to why we are the industry leader with an average product lifecycle of 11+ years!

Product Quality Long Life

Unmatched custom solutions.

military computers electrical design

Electrical Design

Processor board designs with the latest Xeon and Core Series Intel CPUs.
rugged computers intel partnership

Intel Partnership

As a charter member of Intel's partner program, Trenton Systems has technical and design support directly from Intel.
industrial computers mechanical design

Mechanical Design

Rugged, industrial, lightweight chassis design from 1U to 6U.
industrial computers engineering partnership

Engineering Partnership

Work directly with Trenton Systems' engineers to design and validate your product. Our engineers are your engineers.
industrial computer software design

Software Design

Customize your BIOS, system management (IPMI), remote monitoring, and fan control.
rugged military computer integration services

Integration Services

Let Trenton Systems install, test, and suport your PCIe cards, software, and operating system.