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Electronic Design

Electronic Design for Performance and Reliability

Multi-layer printed circuit board design and manufacture present difficult challenges for an engineer dealing with high-speed processor interconnects and modern network interfaces.  Complicating these challenges is the need to design around increasing levels of component density as the only way to expand feature sets and performance using a fixed amount of PCB real estate.

BXT7059 Dual Processor Single Board Computer

Sub-system board designs must maintain signal integrity with high-speed interfaces such as CPU-to-CPU interconnects, DDR3/DDR4 memory, PCI Express 2.0, 3.0 and Ethernet.  The board design also needs to address power distribution, signal trace routing and thermal management issues while adhering to UL/CSA & IEEE agency standards.

BPG7087 PCI Express Backplane


Industrial and military computing solutions need to operate at peak performance for extended periods of time in harsh environments, far longer than most commercial systems.  This requirement integrates into the electronic design itself, as well as into the selection of long-life components.

The combination of single board computers & backplanes presents another electronic design challenge, as engineers must consider the interaction of third-party I/O cards with unique combinations of x16, x8 and x4 PCI Express slots.

In-House Electronic Design and Manufacturing

Trenton has focused on electronic design and manufacturing, as well as system integration and system BIOS control, for over thirty-five years.  Our long-life solutions can be found in industries such as government & defense, industrial automation, and video display walls.

In addition to our full line of standard board-level products, we offer custom design capabilities to engineer a customer-driven computing solution that meets exact system specifications, all within Trenton's state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities located in the United States.

Electronic Design Considerations:

  • Signal Trace Routing and Xtalk (i.e. crosstalk) Parameters
  • Ground Isolation Issues
  • Signal Return Currents
  • Trace Resistance and Target Characteristic Impedance
  • Stray Capacitance
  • Stray Inductance
  • Dielectric Absorption and Insertion Loss
  • Logic Noise
U.S. Design & Assembly

U.S. Design & Assembly

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Years in Business

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Year Warranty

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Year Product Life Cycle

The Trenton Difference

Trenton Systems designs, manufactures and integrates rugged computers and long-life components such as single board computers and PCI Express backplanes to create application-ready computing solutions that satisfy our customers' unique requirements for functionality, performance and reliability.